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A learned intellect deceived by a young deceitful boy. How can this be?

Duped Professor

A professor went on writing important notes on the board moving himself sideways. “Uff”, the gentleman could not resist. His knee hit the metal chair on its way. The chair was covered with thick dust and everyone in the class except Zyla observed it as a usual sight.
‘No. This shouldn’t be. He is the very reason for our success in future’, thought Zyla. From next morning Zyla reached the class before anyone and cleaned the chair. No one knew what Zyla was doing. After a week, before any other colleague, the professor sensed the change but never brought the topic into enquiry.
Styla, a very trendy and popular boy in the same class, had his conceit mistaken to his amber personality by others. One fine morning, amidst the silent morning class, Styla suddenly stood up making the professor at front turn himself into a silent creature. With so much innocence on his face, the boy went to that particular chair and sat on it. He had worn a black pant. He then began to sweep his bum on the chair. Right to Styla’s expectation, no one missed to look at him. Few seconds after the incident the professor took off his eyeglasses saying, “real education, children, is exactly what has just happened in front of your eyes. The trunk in you for ethics should be as what he has portrayed.” All the students in the class, even Zyla, applauded. Hardly had the applause stopped when a boy from the last bench observed the leakage in law of nature.
“May I speak something Sir?” the boy raised.
“Sure Geddes”, granted the professor having his knee not still recovered.
“There he stands after his brilliant job”, said the boy directing his eyes towards Styla.
“By nature”
“No time. Be specific to the point”, the professor shouted.
“The dusty chair was rubbed by his pant, that too a black one. Definitely, if not more, little should his pant be dirtied. Am I right Sir?”
Everybody’s eyes were on Styla’s black pant.
“Then what?” shouted the professor once again.
“Then what? Then you are not so wise to have raised this question Mr. Patrick Bernoulli”, claimed the boy.
“Stop.” The professor’s anger multiplied.
“Yea, yeah. The dirt has failed to straggle on his pant” shouted the students.
“Then what Sir? It proves that someone before Styla has already done the work and reward is to a wrong person” the boy continued. All were amazed then and the whisper continued until the professor also agreed with the students on Styla’s termination from the university.

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