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Isn't this one of the key reasons why people write on pay websites? The desire to be discovered. It is certainly a strong motivator. Having worked on several different things over many years, I did know that I could write, but on the other hand had rarely been published. Yet later I discovered this was more through lack of trying than anything else; I was once afraid that something I said in public would be shot down in flames; now I publish and move on.

The Desire to be Discovered

The desire to be discovered is certainly a strong motivator it it the driver that causes many a pretty young girl to leave home and head for Hollywood. I had been working on several different things for many years, but had rarely been published. In part when you are committed to your work as well as your family you rarely get the time to write, so it takes time to write anything. Yet getting published was more a case that I did not try to be published. In part I was also afraid that something I said would be shot down in flames. The first thing I sent to a professional journal was heavily praised.

It was a few years ago after loosing a great corporate job that I discovered that in-fact I also had time to write and started penning professional articles on my own website. One of the things that I did to assist my job-search was to publish professional articles, which very soon got a following. I was being discovered to some extent, yet I felt that I had so much more in me, perhaps that yearning to be discovered drove me further.

I would like to thank the comments of an Alabama housewife for making this article possible, because I think deep down, we all share a wish that someone will discover us in some small way and say, "Hey he is not all that bad" and give us a chance. It may not be as a great author, but in some other way where we gain an opportunity to express ourselves for money.

A Schooling in Writing

If you write regularly you do get an education, it is just like granny once said "practice makes perfect". Well I was never very good with her piano, it used to sent the family scurrying to find cushions to use as ear-defenders. Gave that one up soon after, then also discovered that I did not have a musical ear unlike the rest of my family, so rock stardom was not for me.

At an early age I had a strong desire to write, but ended up getting a job writing, well writing computer code, but it is writing, but in a strange new language. I soon discovered that I was quite good at it, programming that is, so I did discover that practice does make perfect. The only thing was the desire to have computers to do what I intended, not what I actually wrote (yes I wrote a few things we commonly refer to as 'bugs') to me they were examples of my personal fallibility and drove me to write better.

But at the same time I also wanted to communicate better with my fellow humans, and had a desire to put the 'geek' side of me into a cupboard, to be brought out in a controlled fashion. But eventhough I was worked on many articles I was afraid to publish. It was indeed only in the last couple of years that I discovered that the only schooling I was going to get in this area was to publish and be damned. But guess what as I published more and more things I was not damned - I gained a following on, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, IT Toolbox, and other sites. Becoming active on LinkedIn Answers brought me out of my shell. Did I say things I wish I had not? Many times! The worst case was using bad grammar in an article about grammar, oops what a clanger. (I only noticed it after publication).

But it is through doing that we actually learn.

Recognition is a Good Driver

Recognition of a job well done is something that drives many of us in our work. Yet today how we are recognised is changing and changing fast. Social media is a must for anyone - and I do not only say this because it is my business, but I say it because it is changing the world in which we live. I hope we never see the society Isaac Asimov described in Robots of Dawn; where people's only interaction with each other is through an electronic interface. Social media is simply a tool used to network with other people and ultimately the best connections we make are with people, so it is important to make your connections real, not simply bits and bytes.

Recognition does not always come in the form of money in today's world. It is a sad truth that novelists today on average only earn enough to keep them writing their next novel. The number of writers that make fortunes, like JK Rowling, or Agatha Christie, are in the minority. I met a writer recently who told me that his fifth novel had recently made it into the Top-20 best sellers list, yet he continued to work for an airline on a full-time job, his writing had simply enabled him to pay off his mortgage early and take the occasional expensive vacation, nothing more. (Well in addition to those things he admitted to me I also noticed that he was significantly less worried than his co-workers when lay-offs were rumored.)

Has the value of the spoken word been decreased? I leave you to ponder on that question.

Intention or Instinct?

Tom Sterner makes a good point that we have two types of people, those who write instinctively and those who do so intentionally. I think there is a transition between the two. A person may write instinctively, yet they may wish their input to be taken more seriously and start writing with the intent to be read and noticed.

Having an instinct is important, without it we can be dull and boring. Yet instinct alone is rarely enough. That is the stage I was at writing items that were safely locked away on the hard-drive of my own computer. I needed the drive to do more with it. Today I publish with intent, yet it is not always to a plan. Planning is also a factor if you intend to earn from writing. You have to plan to have your item in front of the influential people (not necessary people with money), these are the people who will talk about your work to others they know (including some with money). This is where having a good, active network is important, it is your network that make you a successful writer.

Time to Add Your Thoughts?

What always interests me are the thoughts and feelings of others. The fact that I have written something should not be like a lecturer preaching to a group of students, who sit hoping that their brains are crammed full of material with which they may pass an exam. I like writing to spurn thoughts in others - disagree with me, tell me I am barking mad, or even point out my mistakes. All are perfectly good comments to make.

What questions about writing are important to you? I hope that I have raised a few here, but I do leave it to you to continue this thread.


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author avatar Carol
19th Apr 2011 (#)

I think we all feel like tat Peter. Good luck with it!

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author avatar James R. Coffey
21st Apr 2011 (#)

Quite interesting!

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Apr 2011 (#)

Aww thank you Peter for linking one of my pages with yours, I fill honored. Wouldn't you know that was a message I have a typo in it. rofl!
Peter, I feel you are spot on. I have had to limit my writing these last few months, I hate it but, I would rather wait and put out a quality article then to just pen something for the sake of just doing. When I am so hard on myself, my hubby will remind me that I am in this for a education and I must be patient and never lose that. He also tells me, you must do your work as perfect as you are able to or, just do not put it out. He is so right.
Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of articles in draft status and when they are done, they will be done. I do believe we should just keep writing and in time it will all add up to, a great portfolio. My articles on Easter will be done this weekend, soon enough for my followers I have gained on twitter and facebook but, not enough time for the search engines to pick it up, I could either not do them or, I can think long term and realize, next Easter, they will be there. As you have pointed out, we should all be thinking of long term. Hey, never lose your geek side now young man. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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