Deflected Thoughts

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The multifaceted persecution has changed in many ways but it's not gone. At almost any time, it flares back up, especially when I embrace my passion for God. A lot still manifests and when I'm focused on one thing, I realize another part of my life is under attack.

Deflected Thoughts

It wasn't my achievements
Indignation, it was, and plus, evil in my business, nitpick
When it didn't even fit
So much corruption, though society know
Condones evil, then, expose the evil, took the higher road
Still impose on me, sin
I told the sequel
Act surprise like they ain't know I was bit
And I ain't trying to climb back unto that diamond
In my scrapbook, finding happiness, to that extent, and I ain't half-looked...
Tragic now, I'm finally there, got a lot of snares
But I face it though...
Taking notes, waived a lot of fares, do I got to care?
Because satan owes...
Remaining strong, evil taunts but scared
And, for naught, it's there
Trying to take my
And it's mainly shown, as my topics where, demons watched, prepared
Someone hating, O..
But I stay enrobed in my scripture fortress
And I can't control if anypicked distortion
Though it take a toll, still the faith is strong
If it's my fate to go
Then I'll be with the Lord then
Braved the cold in some different forests
The angel hosts made me feel important
I'm taking hold of my Savior's robes until make it Home, I see the hills before it...
Ha ha ha ha ga
I see a lake in the season
With pains, and rages, it's a matrix, mazes
Blazing beneath me
I'm knowing insights can only get a person so far
So even this night, the demons, no jars, ammonia, salt
Insinuating, frozen legions, on tar, that want to beat him
Eager to deplete, godly business, and think unleashing
Is benefit, conditions, repeat it, but they can't see me
Provoking is okay, but if spoken, they got a reason pow
I'm focused, on a course of importance
That ain't your evil route, subordinate, distort the apportion
And it won't leave your house...
Unfortunate, I stood in the gap, for many lives before
But ain't expose the dirt,interceding for persecuting heathens
Wanting of the world, not the Lord, what got the sword
The country don't have no control of this city, it's not ignored though...
Ignored though, forced on, frivilous impositions, stored, woke
Pendants foreknown, opposite of the will of God
Blatantly, for saying it, they hating me
But repentance is it, majorly, but God isn't hanging
See, so don't get it twisted...
Independent, not
Breaking me from the Father though
I'm supposed to lose my mind because somebody saying they reading... (I rebuke it)
Use my time
They the type to chew up the hands that feed me
Granted, if I grow, evil's scared, that I would be somebody...
And their sleaze expose, on it's own, just 'cause they reaped it, probably
'stead of facing those, want me gone
And I ain't even watching...
No matter what though, my soul belongs to Jesus
Sorry (not)
That's what have them coming for nothing
Imposing demon knowledge...
And chose to keep my wallet, flip it 'round
More need of profit
Forced to give what I ain't take just like it say 'fore Jesus' flogging...
Psalms sixty nine four, I know, the Kingdom got me, way back, a difference
My Lord, how long this evil frolicks?
I have Your hand, and my Sword, of Spirit
I'm sure, Your with me, once again, I'm targeted
Guess I didn't learn the point of this one...
But I ain't bothered
I speak the truth, and some join against it
Couldn't find no help so I turn to poems as some form of
And condemn me for that? Go head, I'm sort of with it
Even doing good, I get shot and stopped
Now I'm more conflicted


They don't know my heartache


Persecution, Spiritual, Truth

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