Delhi Elections - What it means for AAP, BJP and Congress

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Recent election results for Delhi assembly and its implications

What it Implies

When the election results for the Delhi assembly were announced on 10th February, 2015, many observers, pollsters and exit poll experts were in for a massive surprise. Arvind Kejriwal's two year old political party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP, in short) had turned the tables around on its political rivals BJP and Congress, and how. They won 67 of the total 70 seats in the fray, the balance 3 going to BJP and Congress drawing an embarrassing blank. As Arvind Kejriwal later admitted and correctly so, such a mandate is scary because it brings with it an enormous responsibility, and coming as it does on the back of a hasty exit a year back. That the electorate trusted AAP the second time around, says a lot about the Indian electorate's disenchantment with traditional political parties and their continued tryst with lies, corruption and broken promises. There is a message from the people of Delhi to the three contenders, a message which in a way, mirrors what the larger populace of India have been wanting to say from a long time but have been unable to do so for the lack of a suitable option.


As the winners of this election by a landslide, the most potent message is for AAP. No corruption, development for the sake of development only, safety for women and the opportunity for the upliftment of the working class are priorities and Delhi did not expect the traditional parties to deliver them. While the benefit of being a city-state gives Delhi a slight advantage in the sense that it has less of an impressionable public, has a high literacy count and more socially aware electorate. Negative campaigns by the other parties, sudden accusations by a group called AVAM, did not fool the people. In fact, it goaded them into voting for AAP in larger numbers. As the numbers showed, BJP got almost the same percentage of votes as in 2013, but the swing vote went exclusively to AAP, proving yet again that given a proper and credible alternative, India's electorate is yearning to dump the BJP's and Congress's. What AAP has to do now, is to keep its promises. Provide a clean administration, which has an honest intent and believes more in action than on rhetoric. If AAP fails to perform, the same Delhi electorate will not forgive them come 2020.


A face in the mud kind of situation for the party who were feeling invincible before 7th February 2015. They lived in the dream that Narendra Modi and his magic will win them all elections till kingdom come, and how the mighty fell! BJP has become a personality centric party, where they have no other leader other than Narendra Modi and he can only do so much. People in the rest of the country did not have a AAP to choose when given the opportunity in the 2014 Parliamentary elections and they were sick of Congress's failures and troubles. But their communal intolerance, all the ghar-wapsi, love jihad nonsense and no control over the RSS motor mouths were their undoing. While they have been talking about Good Governance, a full page AD in the paper, few days before the Delhi elections, spoke of how their Government has reduced the diesel/petrol rates 7-8 times since last May. Really? I thought international crude prices decided that, since petrol price deregulation during the UPA regime! They didn't mention, that during the same time they increased excise duties on fuel prices thrice, otherwise the reductions would have been sharper. Why this attempt to hoodwink India's citizens? Their increasing arrogance also does not bode well for their future. If all this talk of good governance and clean administration does not come to fruit over the next five years, there will be a another bitter lesson to learn for them, provided there is a credible national alternative.

For Congress

Unfortunately, India's national party has hit its nadir. Besides drawing a blank in these Delhi elections, it now stands the chance of losing total relevance in the national scenario. Solely, due to poor leadership. While BJP gained a charismatic leader, the Congress lost all of its own and thereby lost all semblance of a direction. After 10 years of ruling the country with a fractured coalition and a dispirited leader, Congress dug its own grave and happily jumped into it. Dr. Manmohan Singh, a brilliant economist, was a reluctant Prime Minister, and it showed. He opened up India's economy with that landmark budget of 1992, hailed even by his worst detractors. But the plethora of scams and the complete policy paralysis in the last few years, broke the dam of India's electoral impatience and the party was routed in the 2014 Parliamentary elections. Rahul Gandhi is ineffective, Sonia Gandhi incapable, so who should take the helm at the Party? That is the question they need to answer if they have to come out of the morass. Like an old tree, they have gathered a lot of rubbish around them. Get rid of it, acquire a strong and motivated leadership, maybe look outside its 'first family'. Project and work towards achieving a vision. Then maybe by 2019, we will see a resurgent Congress, otherwise they might as well retire to the Himalayas. Get on your way or get out of the way, otherwise there will be a AAP all over the country making them irrelevant.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Feb 2015 (#)

Well analyzed AniM. The result shows the maturity of the electorate. BJP promised much but people wanted action too. Also they want coexistence and peace, not divisive tactics to create a smokescreen from reality. People are led to believe there are huge amounts of unaccounted money overseas but it looks like BJP is dragging its feet despite their holier than thou attitude when they promised to bring the hoards back within 100 days - siva

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author avatar AniM
14th Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks Siva! Since independence we have had to choose between one political angle or the other for our rulers, fortunately AAP provides the poliically neutral choice. Now they have the mandate, they have to deliver on their promises. Fingers crossed, let's wait and see...

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