Delhi gang rape case: Part I

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Discriminating women against the men is a curse for the society which destabilize the natural development of the society as men and women together build the society.

Social Discrimination

The problem is just not only concerned with the rape cases against women, they are humiliated at every step of their life. Even before birth they are killed. As adolescent, they are sexually exploited. As young, they are raped. As daughter-in-laws, they are killed for dowry. As wives, they face domestic violence. As mothers, they are blamed to give birth to daughters. As widow, they are again socially discriminated. This is what, how the sisters, wives and mothers are humiliated in our so called elite society.

Is it a result of patriarchal thinking

Why this is so, is it because of Patriarchal thinking that men are superior to women. Men are the bosses. They will decide what is good for their women. Men will control women’s lives as they please and as they deem fit, I am just arguing this and i leave upon you to decide the reasons for the said crimes against women.

I would just put only one reasoning behind it which degrade the role of women as against men in the society. According to Manu, a law giver, a woman cannot attain ‘Moksha’ and has to be reborn as a man for redemption. According to him, a woman is a field and man is the master (owner). It demonstrates her inferior position. Furthermore, a man cannot attain ‘ Moksha’ unless he has a son. A male offspring alone guarantees ‘ Moksha’. Manu states: “A man can gain both worlds through a son and gains eternity through a grandson”. He prescribed that a woman who gives birth to daughters may be left in the eleventh year of marriage. This was the social reality in the later Vedic period.

But the prevalent thinking against women in the mind of men is almost the same as said by Manu in the 21st century itself.

Now, the question comes, how such crimes can be prevented in the society. I would like to say that killing a sinner doesn't end the sin. We have to end the sin and that can be ended only when the people will realize that they are committing the sin.

There should be " Life time rigorous imprisonment till death" to all the people who commit such heinous crimes against women because such punishment will only give them time to realize what they have done". Justice should be done as early as possible to create the larger and lasting impact over the society by setting up fast track courts all over India.

There is a need to redefine the role of men and women and it is to be decided by us only, the men and the women. I am not saying that now there should be a Matriarchal society which will be dominated by women. Men and women are like the the two wheels of a vehicle, they have to work equally, they should be respected equally, they should be honored equally. But this is not happening and that is why we have an unequal society.


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