Deluge strikes Lordly House!

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There are times and places you want to see water, and times and places you don't!

Silence before the storm

What a lovely morning... mornings are always better after a session of editing on Whiskers and Flap-Flap, the video project Mother and I work on. From what I see of the project's coming along, I think we certainly have a winner here!

After editing on that, I go to Lordly House to go get the shopping list book and pen, so I can ask Mr. Specter what is needed around here so I can buy it when I go in to the city today.

A horrible discovery

But what's this? The windows of Lordly House looks like they are completely steamed up or something. Condensation against the windows cause drops of water running down them.

While I'm unlocking the door, I wonder if perhaps I had left on the clothes drier, and if that is what is causing all this condensation on the windows. But no, it was on throughout the night of the day before, drying laundry, but I switched it off yesterday and it's been off since then.

I go inside. I hear water rushing.

I know something is wrong when I look down at the floor and see the inside of Lordly House upside down in it. How lovely a reflection, whatwith all the pictures and paintings on the wall, also showing in the floor...

Beautiful as it is, it's tragic of course. Because the reason the place is reflecting on the floor, is because the whole place is one big lake of water!

Water, water everywhere!

I wonder how in blazes this entire place could have flooded. Did a waterpipe burst? A geyser maybe? I'm trying not to think about how all my beautiful furniture is all around me, engulfed in water, for that would make me too sad to go on.

I start making my way through the water, following the sound of rushing water.

I come to a part where the water is no longer still. There's clearly a current here, flowing like a river coming from the bathroom, flowing into the living room, and from there spreading throughout the place. This is a disaster!!

Through the windows and the glass square patio door, through the condensation I can make out how the water is running to outside from under the patio door all over the patio and forming another river outside.

I walk through the water to the bathroom, expecting to find that a burst waterpipe or something is caushing the sound of gushing water.

What's this? I find one of the sink faucets open, spewing water like a stream. THIS is all it was?? This one faucet caused all this? But then it must have been running for a very long time.

I rush over through the flood and close the faucet. There. At least no more new water is being added to the disaster.

I try to think who could have opened this. I haven't opened it recently. But I do remember Waldorf or someone for some reason closed a stopkraan, cutting off the water to a part of Tower Hills. Perhaps somebody was working on the pipes.

But then I must have opened this faucet some time, and forgot to close it when I found no water was coming out of it. And then when the water did come when I wasn't here, and it came gushing out faster than it could run out of the sink's draining hole.

Maybe it wasn't me. But it must have been. But that would have been yesterday already. Well it won't help to wonder about how that faucet came to be left open now; the point is it's happened and now I know what Noah must have felt like. Or something.

So the water was flooding for a good part of yesterday and all through the night and this morning? Oh dear. Yep, it sure made a mess alright!

Assessing the damage

I go to open the patio door. As soon as I do, the water simply rolls out of it in waves.

I walk around the place to look at the damage, although I don't think it's something I want to see. Everywhere I look, things are making me sad.

For one thing, I had been halfway in the process of cleaning and organizing the lounge, and therefore had temporarily left a lot of things on the floor, including the DVD player and the surround sound system and all its speakers, and all my CD's and videos and books and whatnot. All of that is now completely soaked!!! I think I'm going to cry.

All the wooden furniture and wardrobes have started sucking in the water, showing darker hues from the bottom up.

No! The poor piano! Standing in water. I'm not a piano expert, but I do know they're not really made to stand in water, no matter how many times you see them standing in water for effect in the media, like in High School Musical 2 where they have a pink piano standing in the pool. Or by the pool. Or somewhere close to water.

Since all my studio sets have been occupied, we put up one film set for Timebotics inside Lordly House. That poor set was flooded too, and all the video lights have their electric chords hanging in the water.

Oh no! My suitcase with all my Christmas lights in it was on the floor under a bed, taking a bath there. Who knows if they'll ever work again now.

And my antique chest which used to be a ship's chest, with antiques inside, looks like it has gone back to sea and back.

It's a sad sight to see all my things having been flooded like this. Who knows if any of the electronics will ever work again.

Well, with all this, I am now late for my appointment with Mother, to go film Whiskers and Flap-Flap, so I can't give this my attention now. At least by now most of the water have run out the door, and the source of the water has been cut off now, so I suppose for now that's all I can do. It's just about an inch or less deep of water left in places all around, depending on the height of the floor there.

I'll come back later and see how much the place has dried by itself, and what things I'll need to take outside to hang in the sun. There's a thick beautiful rug under the dining table set that seems to have sucked up water like a sponge, and that will probably not dry by itself and will need to be taken out and left open in the sun.

I just wonder if this place isn't going to start stinking now of rottingness.

Eish. Big mess this is.

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