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The effects of dementia, the sign the absentmindedness. remembering the past.


This situation can be very sensitive and difficult to comprehend
To see someone, especially a close relative or a friend
Falling victim to a condition like dementia, or Alzheimer's
This can be sort of devasting, and bring along much troubles

People only see when one is alert and very cognizant
But hardly pay attention when there is something that is different
Only when it has turn so acute, and appears so blatant
Then they will remember those liitle alerting instances.

Don't think that is has only single out the geriatic members
Time has show that it has now seem to touch those a bit younger
Is this change too a product of progress and development
Whose byproducts are adding those causative agents into the environment.

Therefore monitor these people lovingly and quite closely
Especially when they forget small things quite easily
Exercise some patience,kindness this is a human virtue
Because it is only by some good fortune it was not you.

Then quietly watch and see if they can't perform
Tasks like tying shoe laces, as was the norm
And that memory, if it is coming now and then
This should idicate to you, that there is a problem.

But woefully they would have gone full blast
When all their conversation are all about the things of the past
Not seeming to remember anything about the current events
So now you will know that they have gone to the full extent.

I could remember once this young lady
Who was raised by her grandmother predominantly
She wept bitterly, when the grandmother could not ever remember her
Only as someone in the past, as she had a name similar to her deceased sister.

So if you have or know anyone with such an affliction
This will be for sure a very tense and testing situation
Don't be angry but engage them is some form of conversation
And focus on areas that would bring some form of familiarization.


Dementia, Forgetting, Past Memory

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12th Nov 2010 (#)

good share

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