Demonisis: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

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Buffy will become Dru as Dru gives her something to body shift. She will transform into the Vampiress and will dust the real Dru as she becomes her. Remember Faith and how she shifted their bodies when Buffy became Faith and Faith became Buffy? This is what happens between Dru and her only Dru dies.

Chapter 1

What the Ptb sees in the future of the Hell Mouth and to the Slayer:
Buffy accidentally kills Drusilla one day when she catches her walking alone, but before she is dust, she gives Buffy a strange 5 star pendant that changes her overnight into Drusilla. She can't change back to Buffy because the pendant disappears. Buffy now has to pretend to be in love with Spike to not get him suspicious and that means she has to kill and she does a good job impersonating because the kills are real and soon consumes her entire being. She will be pure evil and while not losing her soul.
It's because she's falling for Spike as Angel went off with Cordelia during Halloween and she's pissed at him by using Spike then falling in love with him. Angel is furious when he finds out and tells Spike who she is. He wants to throw her out but couldn't kill her because for the last few months, he had grown fond of her even as Dru in disguise.

Chapter 2

Angel had been positively an a** to her a week ago and she was not ready to forgive yet.
Instead she focused on other things like school, the Scooby meetings, and arguing about who she is with her mom because Joyce sometimes didn't get that this is the world they're living in.
Did she resent her at times for it? Yeah. Was she livid but couldn't show it to anyone? Yes! She was just mad and tired of this 'dream job' and could see her own future: The Scoobies betraying her over and over because Xander already couldn't stand being a member of the 'freak club', Willow would be a naïve witch down the road that didn't know when or what to control her magic, and Giles would be a deadly father figure. The powers sent her the messages, but she couldn't really predict them to be from the powers. She didn't believe her friends would be that stupid and she was wrong.
Drusilla was on her own, looking at the stars for what they were singing.
"I shouldn't be nice to the mean girl," she pouted but agreed to the stars.
She clapped her hands. "Come along Miss Edith, we have to tend to a certain girl..."
Buffy stopped when she saw Drusilla and took out her stake kind of shaking to the small amount of fear for the psychotic- ness in the girl's eyes.
Dru smiled, this was the perfect opportunity but just as she put the pendant on Buffy, her stake went through the fabric. She gasped and growled then crumbled.

'A perfect opportunity ruined,' she sighed.

Chapter 3

Spike woke up drowsily trying to reach for Dru, but could only find the mattress empty. He was frantic with panic and almost ripped the room apart. "Princess, where are you...!?!" Dalton came hurrying in and he looked nervous. Spike grabbed him and snarled, "Now tell me where she is...?"
Dalton shivered cause Spike looked about ready to put him on one of the ceiling chains and let him burn in the sun. The blond Vampire smirked at this idea. "You just gave me a great plan..."
Buffy went back home and collapsed in the bed, she just killed Angel's childe and she knew he would be pissed. She frowned. Why should he be pissed, she should. I mean he had been ignoring her for Cordelia and she was about to lose it with her insecurity.
Pretty soon, she fell asleep and was talking to a dark figure, one she recognized as Dru's demon but strangely, it was just her demon and she would be in the same form like she couldn't shift out.
The demon walked up to her and snarled then everything changed as her human form changed. She had long dark hair, was very slender and pale, also wasn't even breathing.
Just lied still and silent.
Angel was growing tired of Cordelia. She was a mall freak and it was really getting to him about the way she would snap about Buffy or how shallow she was. Maybe, she can join the geek club instead of the popular Queen C b*** club! "Look, I don't really like you..." She laughed. "Please, why don't you go to your little Buffy, she's not that important!"
Angel decided to allow that demon to slip and the hunt was on.
Cordelia ran down the street, she knew it was her mistake that set off Angel.
Angelus was free.

Chapter 4

"God, was it fun to chase that b***! Now, where is Miss Buffy...?" He roared with laughter. On the back of his conscience, Angel was laughing. It wasn't his evil alter ego, it was him.
Cordelia didn't know how to approach Giles. She was wringing her hands nervously, playing with the hem of her Voldace purse. Giles came out, rubbing his glasses when he saw her. "Yes...?"
She sighed. It's now or never. "I sort of pissed off Angel and set lose his you know, bad persona," she said sheepishly.
"YOU STUPID GIRL," he exploded causing her to wince. "Gee, can you shout any louder, the neighbors can hear you...?" He gave her a glare and dragged her inside.
He really hated naïve teenaged girls that couldn't tell between a real life Vampire and a two brick layer of wall in front of her.
He felt Ripper beginning to get giddy happy and collapsed right in front of the screaming Cheerleader.
Pretty soon, all of himself will be lost and it will be a new beginning, Rip opened his eyes, smiling like a chivalrous cat and grinning like the mad man he ever was.

Chapter 5

Everything was spinning in her mind. Fast forward week 1:
Ripper came in wearing all leather and smiling sadistically at her as if she was nude and wearing nothing but a sports brawl. He had been acting creepy and to the extremes. She decided to avoid him.
Faze 2- Xander: He was also acting like a Zombie since he came back with a black eye from being hit by his dad. He had tried to explain why he was up so late, but s***, he hit him. That wasn't the first time. It was an always thing.
Now, Willow's going crazy too with all of the school work that she could never really concentrate on and her mother's own verbal abuse at home. She played with some magic to keep her mind off, but pretty soon, she would lose herself to spells and deeper black magic making her a full blown witch. The winds suddenly hummed with an eerie tune and everything in Sunnydale would no longer be a safe haven for its residents.
Buffy let out a growl and suddenly smelt such a sweet heavenly scent. It was coming from the tantalizing neck of Joyce. She had the urge to smell the neck for herself and closed her eyes lazily imagining, reaching, touching, intoxicating.
And the rage turned into a symphony.

Chapter 6

Buffy had to get out of that house. Before she bit her own mother and turned her into a vampire. As she kept walking around town, there was a vampire-wannabe trying to attack an unsuspecting Willow. . .no wait, she just crushed the wannabe with her newfound powers. . .good thing too, because Buffy didn’t feel the urge to rush in and save Willow. Her thoughts were suddenly turned to Spike. Was it being inside Dru’s body, or something else?
That’s when she suddenly found herself in Spike’s lair, with none other than Angel following her.
“Buffy?” Angel said surprised. Buffy hadn’t morphed into Dru yet.
“I’m sorry, Angel.” Buffy said, still pist at him. “I’m not Buffy.”
“Then who are you?”
“Don’t you recognize your child?”
“It’s me darling.” Buffy said in Dru’s seductive voice. “I’m here for you.”
“In Spike’s lair?”
“I was drawn here?” Buffy said still in Dru’s voice.
“Of course you were. You’re in love with him.” Angel told her.
“Oh, right!” Buffy said. “Now it’s all coming back to me.”
Just then, Spike walked in on Angel and Buffy’s conversation.
“Just what are the two of you doing here!” Spike said enraged.
“Spike, don’t you recognize your own love?” Angel mocked him.
“That’s not Drusilla!” Spike said, seeing into Buffy’s eyes.
“Why Spiky I’m hurt!” Buffy said in Dru’s child-like voice.
“Get out of my lair! Now!” Spike demanded, as he tossed the two of them out.
“Well, it seems that Spike didn’t believe who you were, Dru?” Angel taunted Buffy.
“I am Dru!” Buffy defended herself.
As Angel left her alone, Buffy felt for the necklace Dru gave her that was around her neck and found it was no longer there.
“It’s gone!” Buffy shrieked silently. “I have to find it!”

Chapter 7

Angel smiled slyly as he held Buffy’s necklace in his hand, “Hope you weren’t looking for this, Buffy?!”
Placing the necklace in his pocket, Angel took off on his own. That was when he ran into Xander, who was acting a little crazy, reeling from the abuse he suffered from his father.
“Hey, watch it, man!” Angel said, pissing off Xander, who didn’t see Angel coming down the sidewalk.
“Sorry, man!” Xander said, wanting to go by without so much as a word, until Angel saw the black eye Xander was sporting.
“Dude, what happened?” Angel said, pointing to Xander’s left eye.
“Nothing.” Xander told him, hoping he would just let it go, but Angel was being an a** and decided to pry.
“Who hit you?” Angel prodded Xander until he snapped.
“Spike!” Xander lied, hoping to get Angel off his tail.
“That dirty. . .” Angel started to say, but left it trailing off as he gave Xander what he wanted and went to find Spike, hoping he was dead in the puddle of holy water.
But when Angel arrived at the spot where he had Spike trapped in holy water, he was shocked to find that Spike had managed to get himself out—until Cordy showed up.
“Cordy, what are you doing here?” Angel asked her.
“Looking for you.”
“Well, you found me.”
“You wondering who helped Spike?”
“Yeah, and when I find the culprit they’re going to pay?” Angel said angrily.
“I know who did it!” Cordy confessed.
“Who was it?”
“Buffy did this?” Angel said in disbelief.
“Yes. I saw her do it.”
“Okay. Thanks Cordy.”
“You’re welcome.” Cordy said. Little did Cordy know, that Angel knew Cordy was lying. Cordy would soon know how sorry she would be for lying to Angel.
As Cordy walked on, she was surprised to get a text from Angel asking her to meet him at an undisclosed spot, to which Cordy gladly accepted his proposal.
Angel was waiting at the spot he told Cordy to meet with Buffy, er-Dru.

Chapter 8

As Angel waited for Cordy and Buffy, who knew she was really in Dru’s body, and for the fireworks when they two finally met up.
He wanted revenge on Buffy for taking up with Spike, even if she was really Dru. And he wanted Cordy to pay for using him to make Xander jealous by dating him. Let the fireworks begin!!! Was all Angel thought.
Cordy arrived first as she half expected to see Angel. Cordy wanted to apologize for her actions for setting him off. She didn’t anticipate what came next.
“Cordy?! What are you doing here?!” Buffy as Dru inquired.
“You!” Cordy asked surprised to see Buffy. “I was expecting Angel!”
“You were expecting Angel?!” Buffy exclaimed.
“So, you are dating Angel!”
“Yes. You got a problem with me dating him!”
“First Xander! Now Angel!” Buffy huffed. “Can’t get your own man! You have to have my leftovers!”
“You never dated Xander!” Cordy reminded her.
“I could have, if I wanted to!”
“You were never good enough for Xander!”
“So what is it with Angel?” Buffy asked. “You into vampires now?”
“Jealous, Buffy! Now that’s he’s moved on with me?”
“Hmmmfff! As if!” Buffy said heatedly. “As if you could ever replace me in Angel’s heart!”
Angel was loving the shenanigans between Buffy and Cordy. He loved that the two women were fighting over him. But he didn’t expect was came next.
“Leave Angel alone, Cordy!” Buffy threatened her.
“Or what, Buffy!” Cordy teased. “You going to stake me like all your conquests!”
Buffy, riled up at Cordy’s accusations, grabbed the nearest thing to her and started at Cordy, but neither saw Spike as he intervened and Buffy thrust the spike into the side of Spike’s ribs instead.
“Spiiiiiiiiike!” Buffy screamed, to a horrified Angel who was watching from the distance.

Chapter 9

Buffy held Spike in her arms as a jealous Angel watched from the sidelines. Cordy was also jealous at the look she saw in Angel’s eyes as he watched Buffy hold Spike.
“Spike, don’t die.” Buffy pleaded with him, as she continued holding him in her arms.
The PTB were watching and loved the shenanigans between Buffy, Angel, Spike and Cordy, that they granted Buffy’s request and brought Spike back to life.
As Spike was waking up, he looked into Buffy’s eyes, “Dru?”
“Yes, silly.” Buffy said in Dru’s sing-song voice, still in the ruse as Drusilla.
Spike lifted his head and kissed her as Angel was about to break up the union, but Cordy grabbed his hand and kissed him instead.
“Why Cordy, jealous?”
“Hell no. Why would I be jealous of that?” Cordy defended her actions as she shook her nose at Buffy and Spike.
“Bravo!” Angel said, clapping his hands to break up the kiss between Buffy and Spike. “So, Spike didn’t die!”
“Why do you care so much, Angel?” Buffy retorted.
“Because love, I don’t want this scoundrel to hurt you!” Angel said sarcastically.
“Spike, hurt me?” Buffy laughed.
“Well, suit yourself, Buf—“ Angel started to say, but Spike intervened.
“Leave her alone. The girl obviously knows what she wants.”
“Said the vampire about the slayer who nearly killed him?”
“Angel, leave them be.” Cordy pleaded.
“Yes. I think I will do that.” Angel said, giving Cordy a kiss. “I have a real woman now.”
Angel left with Cordy, leaving Buffy and Spike to deal with what just happened between them.

Chapter 10

Buffy and Spike got into the heat of the moment after Cordy and Angel left them alone. But the PTB caught on to what was going on: Buffy had shaped-shifted into Drusilla and were not happy about it. That’s when they concocted a scheme to bring Drusilla back.
Drusilla woke up in the cemetery groggy and confused wondering what was happening. She was having the time of her life in hell…then…BOOM!...she found herself back on earth, and worse, back in Sunnydale...
Who was behind this act?!
But Dru would soon find out who was behind it when she found herself in front of the PTB having to answer as to why Buffy had morphed into her.
Dru tried to explain but the PTB were not happy with her explanation. Instead, they demanded she return to Sunnydale to remedy the situation.
Back in Sunnydale, Dru came to Giles’ store, where Willow found her dazed and confused and brought her inside.

Chapter 11

After several hours of passionate lovemaking, Buffy/Dru and Spike finally came up for air to find Willow watching them.
“Ahem.” Willow interrupted them.
She was confused to see Dru in bed with Spike when Dru was at Giles’ store resting. Willow had went to find Spike to tell him she had found Dru.
“Spike? Dru?”
“What do you want, Willow?” an agitated Buffy/Dru asked her.
“How did you get here so fast, Dru?” Willow asked Buffy/Dru.
“I’ve been here the whole time.” Buffy/Dru told her.
“But…” Willow began to say. “Oh well, my good deed is done since Dru has found you.”
“Wait! What do you mean, Dru found me?” Spike questioned her.
“Well, I found Dru outside Giles’ store dazed and confused and I brought her inside.” Willow explained to a now-confused Spike and Buffy/Dru.
“Well, I have a way to clear this up.” Buffy/Dru suggested.
“What praytell is that?” Spike asked her.
“Let’s all head to Giles’ store to see this “Dru.”
Agreeing to Buffy/Dru’s idea, the three headed for Giles’ store.


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