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A metaphorical look at a very fitful, tormented sleepless evening from within the mind.


On little feet they creep into the peace of your mind. During the dark hours of the night as you slumber these demons enter the delicate calm and begin. They set about undermining the rocks of confidence, focus, and strength. Different people have different names for their demons but be assured the most active ones are, defeat, disappointment, failure, consequences and disillusionment. Slowly, at first, they work at the rocks and soon the mind becomes overwhelmed with so much negative that the products of the demons begins to make sense...partly....and so the mind gives birth to yet another demon.....despair. The original demons began to rejoice as they view the new product of their yet brief labors and consign to press on and become more diligent with their damaging efforts. The mind is now awake from its slumber with no hope of returning to that peaceful state this evening and thus beckons the body into joining its increasingly unstable journey.

Now, the demons fueled with success work at a frantic pace to accomplish their damaging agenda for they know only a measured amount of time remains before the light of a new day dawns and their progress halted. The body is tossing and turning in the once safe, warm and comfortable cacoon of covers and reacts almost violently to each damning thought the demons create in the mind. The tempo of this evil symphony builds and the mind issues the thought and it is so intense the mouth all but asks “what if... if it happens what will I do?” or “..there is no way out...truly I am doomed!” Oh my God what will I do.... is the state of the mind and facing total defeat and despair the body and mind look upon the very edge of panic for an answer. As the first light of morning peeks around the window covering an unexplained halting to the crush of thought occurs. As the demons fall away and their terrible workings arrested the mind brings quick sleep to itself and the body as armor against more emotional carnage.

One must ask, was it the light of day that illuminates the dark shadows and reduces their ability to scare and hurt or.... was it God Almighty with a simple wave of His hand that chased the demons from their perch to provide our troubled soul a brief respite? Either way the mind and body is allowed to sleep albeit briefly, the sleep of the innocent and thus the damage is mitigated somewhat to where the mind is allowed to mend the damage. Upon the second awakening this day the mind, body and soul are one against the demons again and the strength to fight another day is born.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Jul 2011 (#)

You struck a bell here my friend. Beajutiful writing. Thank you Winsome75.

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
28th Jul 2011 (#)

What an article winsome....wonderful...

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author avatar Denise O
1st Aug 2011 (#)

Darn well written. Speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Fadaway
4th Aug 2011 (#)

so this is why I lay awake at night.........problem is there is no ONE answer for need a multi one?....can I borrow ?

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