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Yes the infection by dengue can be a very trying experience


Those who had it said this openly and repeatedly
That this is an experience the do not want even for an enemy
But one may never see this gist of such a merciful reference
Until they themselves come to have that unfortunate experience

On may not remember the time or that place of being infected
But they will certainly feel those effects when it gets manifested
There will be that onset of those fever accompanied by some chills
And there will not be even the energy for taking any type of pills

Then comes that state which intensifies and this is pyrexia
As the body begins to be face with an increasingly high temperature
But even though the body is so hot and the heat is getting out of control
What is amazing to behold there is that feeling of trembling as one feels cold

Even though one is in that state there may be an urge to eat
But this is another function this affliction will definitely defeat
Because as the food get into the mouth so as to get masticate
That bitter taste there will this purpose totally negate

In biology we are told that the body has bone totaling a certain number
But when we are feeling well that we tend not to even remember
This illness brings on such pain and soreness that affects them
We certainly then come to recognize and understand the importance of them

Also one can too now relate to the reason for having muscle
As this too can put them under pressure and some trouble
Because there was weakness and presents such difficulty to stand
Thus have to resort to infancy and have to move on knees and hands

But when that moment comes to sit up or to be standing
It is quite evident that the room just keeps on spinning
Even trying to walk will require such as tremendous effort
That one has to cling to the wall to get a measure of support

Imaging having to endure about two weeks of fever, chills and agony
And during that time should experience the subject of anatomy
But truly if one want to lose some weight and do it quite quickly
No gym, certainly not diet but have the misfortune to get a bout of dengue


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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
2nd Jul 2013 (#)

Yes the pain can be severe

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author avatar Esther Thornburg
2nd Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for bodies that can rebuild, revive, and be active again.

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