Designing a website for a musician

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It's Sunday and Harrison and I have an appointment for 9am. We are going to design a website for Josh Josh Mercury, his brand of music.

Designing a website for a musician

The morning, before he arrives, I render out the final music video I have been making for the song Besouling.

What is hopefully the final rendering for the music video is happening on the edit suite computer. While that is going on, I turn my attention to the internet office part of my studio. It's completely and totally filthy, and the dust truly is a complete and utter problem here. I've been meaning to give the whole place a good cleaning once Waldorf has finished here, but we need to work here today so I might have to give the place a good overhaul, and fast, before Harrison gets here.

Waldorf has been working on renovating this place for about two years now, on and off, though more off than on, and four containers of silicon-gun loaders are laying on the floor, along with some smaller screws and stuff in the window sills and stuff. He still needs to do the ceiling too, and do the I-bars in the wall where the wall used to sink into what appears to be a sinkhole underneath my place before we moved the water towers.

Seriously, when is Waldorf going to finish here?? Well, he's currently in The Land Of The West doing work on Canyon Manoir Estate there, so it won't be too soon. I hear there are lots of work he must finish there, especially seeing as Father is establishing an airport there too.

Allright, while I export the video on the edit suite computer, I'm meanwhile busy in the back part of the studio, vacuuming the floor and dusting and dusting some more and then dusting some more, and putting up decorations on the walls and bringing in prop plants and lights and laying down a brand new prop carpet. Wow, I must say I'm impressed with how good the place looks. To think I did it all in only two to three hours!

Harrison calls. It's past 9am, but I was sort of counting on him being late. He's never on time, even though I specifically asked him yesterday if 9am was a realistic time for him. But it's turned out for the best, seeing as I'm still doing a new version of the music video.

Harrison hasn't even left yet; he's still doing the mp3 exports of the song Besouling and just called to say that the second song I told him to bring still has his old partner collaborating in it, and since they're not going to work together he'd like to remove that first. Also, Harrison wants to go to the computer store now to buy PC speakers, so he can hear what the song sounds like on PC speakers, seeing as how last time the mix cut into our ears as it was.

I tell him to leave that and just bring it hear and we'll listen to it on PC speakers here, and that he should just bring everything and come here already.

There, the video is done exporting on the edit computer. I watch it. No, no no!! I've done how many versions now, and there are always parts in every version I like, but then other parts not so much. If only I could get all the parts I like into one version...

So, that's what I do. Takes a lot of time. Harrison arrives later on. He doesn't seem to mind too much to just sit on the bed and watch as I take a not so long time to cut all the best parts from the last four versions into one video. It's been three weeks since we shot it, so Harrison has been extremely looking forward to see it.

Well, while that video file is exporting, and we do so about three times every time with new tweaks, Harrison and I start on the website.

Now, how shall we create this website for a musician? We brainstorm a few ideas while Harrison writes them down in one of my old school books, readily available ever since this hall has been Nicholas' school set in Created by me. But, oh dear - Harrison can't keep his eyes open. Many times he's been asking if we could switch the ceiling fan off, and even though I told him he's not a famous singer yet and should just still allow any fan he can get, he keeps switching off the fan because he says his eyes are burning.

At one point it seems he even has to sniff a lot and has a fever. I wonder if it could be the dust in the rest of the area of Studio A that could be giving him hay fever.

Or maybe he's just sleepy? I told him on the phone when we were making the appointment not to go out last night and drink, and that he should get to bed early. But he says he hasn't been out or drinking. Still, he seems to have burning eyes and the sniffles. Probably allergic to something.

Nevertheless, we have to push through because we don't have much time. He's wondered if we should just use simple wordpress blog software, but I convince him that we go with HTML right now. I could be wrong but I just have this feeling that HTML pages typed by hand get some kind of a longer time or a priority with search engines. Just a hunch. And I feel like we'd have more control if I could just program the page manually. We'll try HTML for now and see what it looks like.

Meanwhile, the video has completed rendering on the edit suite computer. We watch it.

Harrison falls in love with it and can't stop watching it. We render about two more versions with minor tweaks.

Now Harrison can't stop watching it. While I program the website, Harrison regularly goes back to the other computer and watches the video again and again and again.

We capture some frames from the video, and if I may brag, they do make really fancy photos. We use these on the social sites and website for Josh Mercury.

Harrison also makes me put the video on his tablet phone. Looks purdey on there too.

Anyway, when it becomes late in the evening, I tell Harrison we'll only be working until 9pm. We're both quite tired by now and while I feel tired, Harrison still has burning eyes he can't keep open and still sniffs from time to time. Seriously, what could it be that affects him so much that doesn't affect me remotely in the same manner?

Then suddenly Harrison wants to bring up a subject of his wanting to offer me a position at his Finance Shop. Or I think it was at his Finance Shop. I don't know because as soon as I heard him saying he's got a job offer for me, I already made it clear that I'm in no way enthusiastic about a job.

Harrison laughs and shakes his head while he says I'm so full of it. I tell him, "You know what? I'm feeling like you at this stage. Feeling like I always did think the things I really dreamed about doing would have to wait because I first have to do whatever jobs will give me money. But now I see that that kind of thinking takes one down a path of NEVER getting to where one would like because you're already preoccupied and going in directions that are good too but it's just not you. And so, you're getting older and seeing that if you want to be doing what you dream about, it is an active activity you have to work towards without getting sidetracked." Or something like that.

I also make it clear that I don't necessarily regret anything that I have done. Not only because over the years I have worked at Harrison's Finance Shops, but because I don't regret it. It's been life experience and had its perks too. However, I am a dreamer. Sometimes you can't be happy unless you do what you dream about. I'm at that stage now.

9pm comes and almost on the dot, we stop work on the website. We're quite happy with the result of the website, but it's not nearly finish yet. It's looking very promising though.

One thing we don't know about is whether to put advertising on it. For one thing, you get a small stream of money if you do. But for another, it looks cluttered and unprofessional and not only distracts people, it literally takes them away from your site if they click on an advertisement. We decide to not put advertising on it for now.

While we greet by Harrison's truck, we make an appointment for next Sunday. Hopefully then we can finish Josh Mercury's website.

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