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This is a science fiction short story I wrote. I wrote it like I was living one day in a post ecological disaster life. I am reminiscing about what happened to leave me living below ground.

Science Fiction Short Story

It is October 19, 2524. Only a handful of us have survived the devastation of our world as we knew it. We've been hidden down below for more than a year. Today a few of us are going to test the air to see if is it breathable as we have done every day since the great catastrophes caused us to live in this hole. Life as I knew it does not exist. It is all gone. We tried to warn everyone. No one would believe us. They called us kooks and anything else they could label us with. Couldn't they see things weren't right? It was getting harder to breath.. People were literally choking for air. You couldn't go outside without being completely covered, even when it is hot out. Food and clean water was getting scarce. Could there be more survivors above, and if so, what shape would they be in? As I lay here on my cot, I think back to the nightmare that brought us here, as if it were only yesterday.

September 27, 2523 I awoke to my alarm clock at 7 am as usual. The air purifying unit is humming away inside my room. I must go start living underground with the others to survive. I gather my last supplies, put on my filtered mask and mini oxygen tank, which must be concealed, because someone would take if from me. I make my departure. As I drive toward the mountain, I observe people sitting on street corners and in various places.
Those lucky enough to get a mask would be moving around more. They would have to fight others to keep it. Most people lucky enough to have these things would stay hidden when venturing out for any reason. I could see the results of people's exposure to the Sun's harmful beams. Their skin was literally burning off their bones slowly. Every part of the body must be covered.
People are dying all over, starving and unable to breath easily. Mankind had killed most of the trees and other needed vegetation which helps purify air. People have to steal food, because the price is so high and only the rich can eat well. There were too many signs that life as we knew was about to be over. This was apparent to those of us who could read them.

Myself and a group of my colleagues called a televised conference a few years ago warning people to stop polluting, and to start stocking up on water and food. We warned them of this destruction. No one would listen.

Now some of us will go underground and wait for mankind barely living above to die out to stop the destruction. We hope their will be something left to begin again. We've been cultivating plants in our underground labs, to clean what is left of the air and to bring balance back upon the Earth.

I have to stop several times, because of the overturned cars and crowds gathered in the dark recesses of the street on my way out of town. Someone jumps on my car demanding I turn over food and water. I hit the gas, and in doing so, the people scatter. This motion causes the person on my car to tumble backwards underneath my wheels.

I must get to the safe haven in the mountain. I drive like there is no tomorrow, watching for ambush. Thankfully, I encounter no more obstructions.

I arrive at the entrance to an old mining shaft. It is the entrance to our underground safe housing units and labs. I go inside a cave and enter the abandoned mine elevator which we repaired and enhanced. I am glad we set all this up to be powered by the sun and wind. Hopefully no one will be able to find the power sources above ground embedded on the top of the mountain. We have enough food and water to sustain us for years to come, all of which each of us had to purchase as inconspicuously as possible in a few years time.

I arrive at the bottom and place my hand on the identification panel. A large steel door opens to reveal a lab with many scientists hard at it, working to populate the plant life we will bring back above ground, when the atmosphere presents the availability. This facility holds the lives of a little over 2000 people. It is comprised of the families of the scientists and a few fortunate enough to heed our warnings. We will be the ones to repopulate above when we reenter above ground.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Oct 2013 (#)

Though a scary scenario these are possible realities when we care two hoots for our nourishing environment that has sustained us all along - siva

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author avatar ispeakthetruth
6th Oct 2013 (#)

You are right Sivaramakrisnan A

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author avatar Ptrikha
6th Nov 2013 (#)

Great imagination!

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author avatar ispeakthetruth
7th Nov 2013 (#)

You have a great imagination yourself Ptrikha.

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author avatar Donna Lombardo
2nd Jun 2017 (#)

I am thinking about writing more to this story.

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author avatar Donna Lombardo
2nd Jun 2017 (#)

I wrote it. I am ispeakthetruth I can't log in to write more stories. I have requested password recovery and have had no responses.

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