Dhamma Talk in a Cafeteria

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Abnormal people kill others in the name of their god. How do you remain calm and lead a normal life?

Dhamma Talk in a Cafeteria

Sakyamuni did not take any belongings with him. He left the palace empty-handed. The god Indra presented him with kasavapastra clothes at the bank of the Anoma River. So you see, the gods come to help you if you deserve it.
Life is full of chaos which can hardly be untangled. Make merits, forsake evil deeds, and refrain from paths of ruin. You are either progressing or regressing. The bees search for sweet-smelling nectar but fly only likes bad-smelling things. Which one are you? Death awaits us all, king and beggars alike.
A person who is very close to enlightenment doesn’t take up or lay down anything. He doesn’t desire any sight, sounds, flavours, amusements etc. He would be contented with an egg and a bowl of porridge every day. And they sleep in small hut, on the timber floor! He does not lament when life is painful. He doesn’t long for survival or tremble when facing great danger. He is not afraid of not receiving or losing all. Once the mind is concentrated, you experience joy and happiness. The eight worldly winds are : gain and loss; fame and disrepute; praise and blame; pain and pleasure.
The flow of bodily and mental processes go on. The child is not the same as the adolescent, nor is the adolescent the same as the adult. Are they the different persons? The concept of an ego is an illusion; it is not real either in this life or in the hereafter. Don’t you agree the insubstantial clouds look solid to us?
The gadflies are annoying. They are evil and greedy. They swindled and murdered, just like mad people. Why are they still walking freely on the streets?
You must not be deluded by what is happening around you. Mindfulness can be practiced the whole day. When we are not negligent, we are mindful. Try to say things at the right times only if they are beneficial to the other party. Mind must always have an object, bring it to the present. Greed, hatred and delusion imprison and ensnare the mind. Body is one part. The other part is the mind. Once this unit disintegrates, only earth, water, wind, and fire elements are left. We need to bar our mind from being disordered. The mind is the initiator. Don’t waste your time doing nothing but eating, sleeping and loitering.
Negative thinking contaminates our mind and sends out negative force. Positive thinking emits positive energy and brings harmony and peace. Clinging hampers the body healing process and also causes new illness or worsen our physical condition. How do you remain unaffected by worldly temptations, staying ever calm, serene, and peaceful?
How do you restrains yourself from those actions that might debase you and maintains your self-respect and higher virtues? Passions are the bases of all the commotion and unrest of Samsaric existence. People who have been previously related in terms of having lived together as relatives are bound to meet each other again. We must have a kammic connection with that person from a previous life for us to be together today, with him or her. If we had assisted each other in the past, we would have been relatives today.

The power of greed makes one a hungry ghost after death, and the power of ignorance makes one reborn as an animal. For rebirth as humans in the next life we need to practice dana and sila. The more good deeds you do, the sooner you repay those bad deeds in this life. In hell, you have to pay your bad deeds with interest. The transferring of merit regularly is to expiate (to extinguish) the kamma which we had committed in the past.
Meditation may cure migraines, and overcome drug addition but to practice it is like tramping through bush and forest. Meditation may lower the following: by lowering stress level (systolic) from 5 to 8 mmHg for about 12 hours and the diastolic pressure by 6 to 8 mm Hg for about 8 hours. Relaxation create nitric oxide which opens up your blood vessels. Meditators have higher telomerase activity than non-meditators. Telomerase is the enzyme which helps build telomeres. Meditation puts your body into a state of deep rest, thus lowering your blood pressure. Greater telomerase activity can translate into stronger and longer telomeres which enable us to live long. Meditation is better at reducing pain than morphine. It could reduce pain intensity by 40%. Morphine and other pain relieving drugs reduce pain only by 25 %.
We feel disgusted, apprehensive, and dismayed when we see humans succumb to the evils of drugs, liquor, lust, anger, greed, envy, selfishness, and hate. They have totally lost their balance, and have become worse than the devils.


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author avatar M G Singh
24th Aug 2014 (#)

Nice post

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author avatar pohtiongho
24th Aug 2014 (#)

Mr. Singh: thanks for the compliment.

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author avatar Retired
25th Aug 2014 (#)

Lots of spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing. :)

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author avatar pohtiongho
25th Aug 2014 (#)

Nina: thanks for the compliment. You sure have the ability to appreciate a good thing when you see it. This cafeteria talk in on a one to one basis and there was no plan before that. Once a guy was asking: where is the mind? How big is the mind? I did not participate because he did not question me personally.

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