Diaries are like true friends who ask nothing back from you

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İ have been keeping a diary since i was around 9 or 10. İ love the fact that you can share everything you do during the day on pieces of papers that want nothing in return: how about you?

Keeping a diary is so fun and easy!

Do you remember the times when we used to look for and buy the most colorful and locked secret diaries? İ used to keep the key hidden like it was the most precious thing on earth. A year would end and so would my diary and i would always have the excitement of buying a new one. İ wouldn't continue with it leaving the blank empty pages blank thinking that a new year must mean a new diary. When i was a little girl i used to write every single night! Not the summary but filling the whole pages with each and every single moment of my day. Then that routine skipped to once in two days then once in thrice now i write twice in a week hardly finding the time to. Change is huge! Now my diary doesen't have a lock because i already keep an eye on it that i'm the only one who reads and writes it.

Taking a look at the past: cherish your moments.

Before i used to think that keeping a diary was like officially announcing your secrets but as time passed i figured out it wasn't anything of that kind. İt was a simple way of relaxing yourself at the end of the day by sharing what you have been through with a silent friend and i loved the idea. İ always keep entertaining myself by looking at my previous diaries. Good thing is i didn't just write in them, i filled them with photographs and whatever i could stick on a page with moments of joy and sadness to remain there with me even after years. İ believe that everyones memories are precious and i cherish them. İ love listening memories and writing my own.
Sometimes it looks like a novel to me, an incident that bothered me now seems so far away that while i read from my diary it's like it happened to someone else!

Write for imagination and improving writing skills!

Keeping a diary will not only help you to improve your writing skills but it will also improve your imagination. As you write down you will live those moments again and trying to express yourself you will find out that you are actually writing a lot better than you thought you could. Let your pen take control of you and let go of your emotions. Dive in the flow of the beauty of life and write them down. What can be more beautiful then your own handwriting filling the pages of a book all about your life. This is your story and your book. Nobody is limiting you from writing specific things or controlling you; that is in fact one of the things i love about keeping a diary..

Do something new and different!

So why don't you start keeping your diary? İt is not a must that you begin with the beginning of a year just go ahead. Not only kids keep diaries so does mature elderly people. Write down those beautiful moments of your life and ones that made you sad. Wishing you a beautiful life..


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author avatar johnnydod
23rd May 2011 (#)

Interestig article

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author avatar nutNbolt
23rd May 2011 (#)

Can't believe that you published this article today because i just joined today at wikinuts and i loved this article.
Keep Writing.

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author avatar Denise O
23rd May 2011 (#)

I am not one to keep a diary but, I do have admiration for those that do. What dedication. Nice read. Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved. Thank you for sharing.:)

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