Diaries of Lydia Vol.1 entry.3 ; Friends with Benefits

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Lydia and her friend seem to keep you wondering how far will they go. Is there relationship a scandal? Or are they just young, rich and unstoppable. Does Margaret get her way? What will Lydia do next?

Diaries of Lydia;Vol.1, entry.3; Friends with Benefits

Diaries of Lydia Vol.1; entry:3. By Joel' Nichole Kleinpeter (c)oct 2013.

Friends with Benefits;

After a night of remorse over her ambiguous ego, Lydia lays fast asleep in her bed. Disheveled in the same clothes, Mattie, her personal maid tries to wake her. She throws a pillow at her and shouts "Get out! I'm never getting up again!" Mattie closes the door and walks down the hall. As she approaches the stairs she meets up with Margaret, who warns her "I wouldn't go in there if I were you." Aw, I'm not afraid - come on, I may need your help."
Margaret opens the door, pulls open the shades and throws off the blankets. Lydia quite upset in her pouty way, tells her to go away. She lays next to her face to face, brushing the hair from her eyes. Margaret says to her, "I don't know what's gotten into you, but it's time for you to to get off your pity act and come back to being your old self again."
Lydia rolls over and says, "I don't know what's what anymore. I met someone and now I will never know who she is or if I will ever see her again."
"What?" says Margaret, "You met a girl? I thought I was your best girl?" "Silly you, you are my best friend forever! You know, I would know what to do without you to bug me!" "Friend alright" Margaret says, "Friends with benefits, you mean. Come on, get out of this bed!"
"We will go shopping, you love to shop!" "No, you love to shop, I just indulge your every shopping fetish. Lets get going! Mattie, come drag this poor excuse of a woman and clean her up to go out." "Ok! Ok! I'll get up, just stop nagging me, you pain in the rear!" "Do help Mattie, she looks a complete mess." "Yes, I do look atrocious don't I?"
Lydia, finishes getting dressed and the two head to town, with Lydia driving her convertible sporty car. She ask's Margaret, "Where to first?" She wishes to go to the general store in the heart of Savannah. "I need some more perfume and you love to pick out my scent." "No, My dear, I just like to smell your neck and body, as so with every other part of you."
"You are my favorite friend" Lydia says. Margaret responds back with, "I'm your only female friend." "True, but you're my best girl. I know you. You're always wanting something or someone you can't have. I am the best one for you, you just don't know it yet!" Lydia replies, "Your parents already dislike us hanging together. If not for our families knowing each other, they would forbid it."
Laughing as she blushes and says "No, they would have their nickers in a twist if they knew what we do together. Yes, all the while they would burn me at the stake!" They giggle as they park the car.
"Oh" says Mr. Dunwright "Good day ladies" as they smile and get quiet as to not draw attention to themselves. As they are looking at cards and knick-knacks, Margaret says to Lydia, "Look over there" as she turns her head "It's Mrs. Canterbury - she's a very snooty one, isn't she? Looks like she has someone with her." "Where?", Lydia responds to Margaret "By the dressing room...see?"
Lydia quickly grabs Margaret and pulls her behind a clothing rack. Margaret gets aroused sexually and says "Oh you daring girl! Shush, don't look" as she points to the beautiful girl coming out in a new dress to show Mrs. Canterbury, "That's her!" Margaret says "Who?" "The young woman I told you about."
Margaret looks her face to face hiding in a rack of clothes "So why are we hiding?" "I told you, look who she is with." "You're crazy if you think you stand any chance of being with a woman like that." "What do you mean?" Lydia asks. "She would have nothing of you, you know, being with another woman. She looks to be as proper as they come. She is probably engaged to a gentleman here. Why else would an outsider be in town and we don't know her?"
"I don't believe you!" Margaret says "Fine then. I am going to introduce myself and meet her." "No!" says Lydia, who tries to grab her arm to stop her. Margaret pushes her back and runs up behind her.
Mrs. Canterbury says "Oh, where are my manners? How are you Ma'am, it's been awhile since I've seen you." "I am doing well, thank you." "How are your parents dear?" "Fine thanks." "Oh, you should meet Elizabeth! Elizabeth dear, this is Margaret. Margaret's mother is a member of my foundation.
"Pleasure to meet you, Margaret." "What brings you to our quaint town?" "I am staying with Mrs.Canterbury for a bit, until my family arrives." "Where from?" Margaret inquires. "New Orleans", Elizabeth answers. Mrs.Canterbury, her father is the one designing the new railways here." As Margaret and Mrs. Canterbury chat, Elizabeth looks past them and locks her sights on Lydia.
Confused I would think, she turned her eyes downward and retreated into the dressing room. "Well, I think I'll be going now. It's was nice to meet you Elizabeth, maybe we can have lunch one afternoon." Margaret returns to Lydia, and says "See, I told you she is a proper girl." "What's her name?" Lydia asks. Margaret smiles and as they are leaving she says in a teasing fashion "Wouldn't you like to know?" Come on, really who is she?" "Fool around with me and I'll tell you!" "That's blackmail, Lydia!" says Margaret. "Well, yes it is...I am shameless, I know". You're just so enticing to me and so very good at it, even when you're mad!"

to be continued...


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author avatar Ann kleinpeter
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Great story line! I would love to see this as a book, better yet, a movie!

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