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Maintenance of diaries in a chronological manner is an important event in life. Those who do not maintain diaries should be encouraged to cultivate the habit in a regular fashion. Under any circumstances, should we not ignore the writing of diaries daily.

What are diaries?

To write diaries is a very good habit in life.It is quite natural that diaries are written by those who maintain day to day incidents noted in the diaries. If the day to day events are recorded in the diaries ,there may not be any chances to forget the events. Recollections of diaries may help the daily diary writers and may strengthen the memories.The daily diary writers may not ignore the trifle matter. Rather they may concentrate on this. They may compare with daily diaries to find out any discrepancy in the writings. The daily diary writer may enrich their writings. Diaries may identify the most important events in a year or two. They may accordingly write their short stories/ novels / poetry.They may get enough time to compose their writings. It is a pleasure on the part of them to reproduce their writings in accurate fashion.Writing daily diaries may make the habit grow stronger.Day to day events are recorded in the diary but if any event is slipped by, the quality of the diaries may be jeopardised. There are many persons who do not maintain daily diaries, they only record the salient points in their diary note book. There lies the gross difference between the diaries and diary note book. New diaries are made available either in last month of the year or first month of the year either from the offices or from the market. Procurement of diary is a must for sustaining diary writing. It is generally observed that there are few persons who have no habit of writing diaries.This is not a good practice maintained in life.

Importance of maintaining diaries

To maintain diaries are important habit in life. This is an important asset in life.Those who maintain diaries may depend upon the series of events recorded in the diaries. To write daily diaries is the most important event in life.In every day writing daily events may make the writer active.To ignore the daily writing may make the habit weak. and thus the series of events may be left unrecorded,thus the diaries may not be reliable.Those who are maintaining diaries meticulously are really dependable .We may depend upon them for the chronological events of the time. We cannot ignore them.

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