Didi Damin and Borrock Sobama set up DAPE!

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Damin and Sobama set up DAPE, the Damin African Promotion Exchange, to promote better relations between African Americans and Africans.

from "The Adventures of George"

Then it was Damin’s turn to speak,
“Funds I have now at my disposal,
So I want you to listen to my proposal.
Millions of people here have African forefathers,
But little do they know of any African area,
Or African language, history or culture,
But I’ll change all this in the very near future.
By founding an organization which I will name
“The Damin African Promotion Exchange”,
With you as president, and then you must enroll
African-Americans, both young and old,
In all our programs, which will embrace
Culture, language, history, and replace
Indifference with interest, disorder with discipline,
And, this is the most important thing,
Our exchange program will be designed to allow
Americans an African experience to learn how
The various people live upon our continent,
And when Africans from different places are sent
To live in America they will learn a lot
About life in the world’s largest melting pot.
And, my friend, you must remember this,
As our organisation continues to flourish
Its numbers will make it a potent force,
With political influence, and, of course,
In economic and social matters too,
Which in the future will be of help to you.
And at this stage don’t worry about money,
My supporters will always donate to any
Good cause or charity I indicate,
So there will always be funds available for DAPE”.
Sobama was impressed by Damin’s ideas,
But first, he said, he’d have to clear
The whole plan through the regulatory authorities,
And if there were no problems about legality,
He could set up the organization within three months,
Starting with DAPE’s first New York branch.
“Well” said Damin, “I have to go now”,
And rising resumed his customary scowl,
And leaving his aides to pay for the luncheon,
Ambled on out with Sobama still considering
These pioneering proposals for DAPE,
The most radical an African leader had made,
And Sobama, on finally leaving the room.
Winked at George, saying, “you’ll hear more soon!”


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author avatar Prasul Surendran
20th Jun 2011 (#)

Good post :)

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author avatar Blair Gowrie
16th Aug 2011 (#)

And Sobama uses DAPE to suppress the Bin Maden gang.

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author avatar Blair Gowrie
19th Sep 2015 (#)

I have now re-published my story, The Adventures of George, in full, on Amazon (under my pen-name Blair Gowrie). So, for a good read and a good laugh, this is where you should go!

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