Different, I am Different.

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Get to know about me a little more and how I feel about being different.

Thoughts of how I am different..

Often times we hear a lot of females say , I am different and unique. But sadly they still take part in what other females may like and act like them as well. You are just a different person because of individualism, but what makes you unique? While I was showering, I thought of how I was different and unique. I too am guilty for taking part of what other females. I love shopping, I love writing, I love discussions and debates, I love success. But what makes me different from everyone else? What determines me as my own individual? How am I unique?

Is it my views on how a female should be? Is is my beliefs and faith in Christ? These are not rhetorical questions, these are questions I just ponder on. I understand that each person is an individual and that they have their own mind, body and soul(heart) which helps create who they are and what they are. But what else is to it? Why am I making this so different, I feel something is not right..

Then coming out the shower I look in the mirror and say I am different. I am positive. Not many are positive. I am an awesome self-motivated and I believe I am also a great mover. I mean I am not Jesus, but I love to speak positivity into people lives. Often times I hear the term “be real”, but when one is positive, their results are positive, now ain’t that real?

But the point of this blog is that, I know that I am different, but I guess I am not quite sure what makes me totally different. I mean I am human, I make mistakes and I fall but there’s just something about me…

Wait! what if it isn’t me? What if its Christ manifesting Himself in my life.I would expect myself to be stress with handful of work right now, but I must say with Christ Jesus, I got it going on. Now it makes sense. It is Christ in me, that makes me different. When I do not react to a rude girl’s body language towards me, I am different. When I bless a less fortunate with God’s words, I am different through Christ Jesus. I pray that I continue to be different. You know.. the good different. The different that Jesus Christ was. The one that made people angry, the one that made others hate him, for being good. I believe its worth it. Hosea 4:6 say that these kind of people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge, so I know it is not something personal when I am being difficult, it is something personal and spiritual with the individual and God.

but back to topic. I enjoy being my type of different with Christ being involved. I’ve recently fell short and I am back and ready letting Christ know again, that I am sorry. And that I am willing and available. I have no doubt in my mind that He has not forgiven me, because I know He has been waiting for me.. <3


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