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Now illusions and fantasy becomes a reality and in the forethought of creativity, this marvelous pageantry of exploits is woven into our imagery, and delights the soul with the enrollment of people.


We began to explore the nature of love from a Christian perspective, and discover that there are four different stages through which we must go, based on our feelings and our relationship with each other. And we will see that the gift of love is epitomize in our emotions, which then forms the foundation of our humanity.

We all need to be loved, just like a child needs to be loved by its mother, just as parental comfort is necessary, so love is not a selfish indulgence of excessive lust, wallowing in pursuit of pleasure, but love bears all things and endures all things, it is not narrow minded, and even the briefest glimpse has the prospect of greater dimension, although it may pass through our lives swiftly, it can be traumatic while at the same time giving us the buzz of fantasy and pleasure, love is distinguish, and clearly identifiable, it will leave a lasting impression.

After days and weeks have gone by, when we look back, with trepidation; we can often see into the mirror what type of category that aspect of love fell into, and there are four different types of love which is extremely common in today’s society.
Love can be express in four different ways, and gives us the insight of the nature which dwells within our hearts, however hard we may try to conceal it, inevitable the energy of love will break out of its comfort zone, and falls into one of these four categories.

The first element of love is our affection, as we develop a strong liking to another person, base upon our disposition and state of mind, infatuation and fondness defines the caring intimacy of our affections, which is express in the feeling of a warm and personal attachment, affection is the vital ingredient in a caring relationship.

Affection is often associated with friendship, the second element of love, that symbolises the freedom of adventure and laughter, friends do things together, they stand up for each other, a friend can also be depended upon, to be a sanctuary in times of difficulties, friendship is the strong bond between individuals who share similar interest, a person who is on good term with another falls into the symphony of friends, it could be a fellow member of a society, associate or comrade in arms. This then is what is meant by the loyalty of friends.

Society cannot put a price on the value of love when the instinct of feelings explode in joyful splendor of sexual satisfaction, and the spiritual significance of love becomes a profound experience of rational and emotional composite, and that sense of gravitation is in itself becomes a natural force of being in love, romance is the third element that goes into the mind with the sweetest feelings, by chaining together justification and submissiveness, romance develop and blossom more brighter, sometimes in comedies of error and at other times in sloppy sitcoms.
Now illusions and fantasy becomes a reality and in the forethought of creativity, this marvelous pageantry of exploits is woven into our imagery, and delights the soul with the enrollment of people. Life becomes a novel depicting the prose of emotional, spiritual, physical and heroic deeds.

The fourth element is unconditional love that is borne out of a relationship regardless of its circumstances, this is more clearly seen in the context of faith and belief, to have the overall love of God in its full charitable status, puts the agape love at the pinnacle of all other virtues, it does not expect anything in return when it has endured all unfavorable circumstances, and this is the strongest emotions that a person can have. Unconditional love has no adverse conditions attached, it is affections without limit, forgiveness without strings attached, and it demands no requirements and accepts the individuals with all their flaws.


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