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Choose your venom carefully because what goes around that comes around !!

Unleashing the Dark World

Since the inception of human civilization, people are practicing Black Magic to fulfill all their greeds and desires. The original word 'necromancy' referring specifically to seeking knowledge from the dead, as has been practiced in all cultures worldwide, was mistranslated to 'negromancy' during the post- black death persecution of village wise women throughout Europe. Since the practice was associated with the very people that the patriarchal church blamed for the bubonic plague, the word gained negative connotations. As a matter of fact, you ask why people who believe in harmful rituals and spells don't utilize this power to harm their enemies. they do, and have since the beginning of time, every time they seek spiritual assistance to overcome their enemies. Black magic is full of evil activities where one has to mutilate

So choose your venom carefully because what goes around that comes around.

10 ) Bhanamati :
When a person is possessed and does something that the possessor wants him or her to do, he is said to have Bhanamati.

This are two types of Bhanamati, in first clothes get torn or may be set on fire or houses get stoned or small bits of stones spill out of eyes and ears of the victim or cross marks emerge on the body all of a sudden miraculously and on their own.
In the other type of Bhanamati the affected person starts puffing, blowing, panting and gasping or barks like a dog. The person also rolls violently and noisily on the floor.

This kind of magic is mostly performed in the Southern Part of India and it can cover a region of town under the influence of magic.

9 ) Vashikaran :
Vashikaran is a Sanskrit expression composed of two Words Vashi and Karan.
“Vashi” means to Attract and "Karan" is the Technique of performing it as laid down in Ancient Scriptures.
Through this you can get your lover back , influence anyone's thoughts, better relations with your boss, become successful etc.
"Vashikaran" literally means to have someone under your control. In past, kings were generally used it to solve their love and family problems.

You can see this in entire Asia, where people are performing this for fulfilling their innermost evil desire.

There is basically two forms of black magic spells performed or practiced in Banyuwangi, one known as SIHIR, used for killing enemies or other people directly, and is known as BUSUNG, where a spell is casted to inflate the stomach of the dupe to such an extent that it looks horrifically big in size and may blast away. It is also believed that Busung victims cannot escape death and that the reason for the oversized stomach are probably insertion of small animals, knives, nails, broken glasses or even frying pans using black magic spell.

Banyuwangi has long been known as one of the most powerful centers of black magic in Indonesia.

7) Rapuh :
This is an Indonesian name of a Black Magic spell.
This spell is casted to make the target or prey suffer for his / her whole life by causing illness such as making the prey blind or by paralyzing the victim. Types of magicians that exist here are also known as DUKUN, they are mostly found in Java rather than Bali.
This is a typical black magic to ruin someone's life because it is so lethal.
Undoubtedly, Indonesia is elaborative when it comes to different types of “ilmu Hitam”which is a native word for Black Magic.

Banyuwangi villagers have long kept black magic in check at the local village level. A code of ethics among Banyuwangi dukun santet forbids them from using their magic against people in the same village.

6 ) La Magia Negra :

La Magia Negra is an aspect of Brujeria which came to Mexico through the influences of the grimoires “grimorios” that were imported by the Spaniards as early as 1540 and distributed to the Indigenous and Mestizo* people in Mexico.La Magia Negra appeals to the primal darker side of humanity to our basic needs i.e. money, sex, love, power success. It is NOT about blasphemy or mockery of GOD we respect. Magia Negra is in fact a descendant of the dark forms of shamanism practiced by the ancient Nahua in pre Columbian Mexico colored as much by the classical dark spirits as the philosophy.

La Magia Negra is a Spanish word which means Black Magic.

Last shade of black

5 ) Ngai Plant

Yes you've read it write, It's a plant. Ngai is a Vietnamese word for a plant that has housed a spirit. Basically, spirits are well known to fond of attach to a plant. Famous ones are like the banana spirit or phi phop in Chinese and Thai culture. The person who wants to have an ngai plant can go to a black magician to get one. After that the plant will then be placed inside his/her home. There are many purposes to keep an ngai plant, it can be for getting good business or to get a specific favour.

For the Ngai plant to exhibit various desired powers, a Ngai master needs to “bỏ công trục ngai”, or to call forth a spirit to enter the ngải plant. Masters may take three to seven nights to successfully ‘trục ngai’.Some ngai Masters who are powerful enough to control the plant may need more power from the plant, which can be obtained by giving the ngai plant fresh blood from a chicken. There have been cases, where the agai Masters have lost control of the ngai plant, and serious damage was done to the Masters themselves.

4) Juju :

The fundamental belief is that 'juju' is seen as a practice that people use to harm people more than used to help people. Secondly, people use it only for self-interest, for instance if one wants to acquire wealth through supernatural powers, he or she will have to sacrifice something or another person to enable the 'medicine' to work. For this reason alone, most people frown upon the practice and for some the idea is simply ridiculous. It is believed that people go for juju to enable them acquire wealth or for protection from their enemies or tragic incidents.

The objects or idol in which a juju is kept or stored can be anything ranging from that of a coconut shell to that of a bird’s wing or might be a head of some animal, one of such idol is carved out with the hands of the monkey and is very prevalent in western Africa. Even one can find juju temples.

"JUJU" is mainly practiced in the region of Ghana.

3) Sangumas :

Belief in sorcery is strongly rooted in Papua New Guinea. Many believe in the existence of sangumas, witches, sorcerers, or people with magical powers. Sangumas are accused of invoking curses, hexes, and spells to bring misfortune to their villages. These victims are held responsible for occurrences where natural explanations can be offered but aren’t recognized. Sangumas are often blamed for natural disasters and seemingly inexplicable deaths, for example, from cancer or HIV/AIDS.

The inevitable punishment is execution, performed immediately in a public place by a frenzied group of tribespeople. Victims are sometimes hanged, stoned, shot, beheaded, butchered, buried alive, or burned at the stake after being doused with gasoline and set on fire. Others escape death but suffer attempted murder, sexual abuse, and torture, often to extract a confession.

This activity has been conducted on a national level. Not even Papua New Guinea but there were some rumors about practicing of this art in America too.

2) Obeah

Well, as the caribbean says, "Do not turn to Obeah unless your need is great. Obeah spells are too powerful to waste on trivial pursuits" Obeah is used when you don't know where to turn, when all other methods have been exhausted. Obeah can be used to construct something beautiful. A hammer can build a house, a church and any number of helpful items. Conversely, a hammer is also used to tear down these same buildings and can even be used as a weapon. Therefore, Obeah has the power to do both good and evil. It must be used carefully and responsibly. And, more importantly than anything, only in the hands of the trained Obi-man or Obi-woman.

The Obeah spells involves the use of chants, spells, charms, shamanistic tools and talismans for the spiritual and physical forces for one's own bidding. Obeah men are highly feared by people as they are considered as very powerful, demonic and satanic.

1 ) African Voodoo :

Voodoo (Vodun) is a derivative of the world's oldest known religions which have been around in Africa since the beginning of human civilization.There is a major difference between Voodoo and Magic. Magic is what magicians perform on stages for purposes of entertainment. Voodoo on the other hand is a spiritual activity that produces physical realities within a certain time frame. There are about 2500 incantations in Voodoo. Each designed to achieve a single aim. The incantations must be repeated in the original Bizango Language. If you change or substitute any word, then ritual is null and void.

Along with the belief in spiritual possession, these include:

Veneration of ancestors
Rituals or objects used to convey magical protection
Animal sacrifices used to show respect for a god, to gain its favor or to give thanks
The use of fetishes, or objects meant to contain the essence or power of particular spirits
Ceremonial dances, which often involve elaborate costumes and masks.
And how can you ignore the dolls. Voodoo Dolls are a very strong source of magic.They use it for almost anything and everything whether it's job, marriage, revenge, lost love any thing which exists can be modified by Voodoo.

So Choose your venom carefully.

Now do you believe in Black Magic ?


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5th Jan 2018 (#)

You have given some of the best articles on the topic of black magic. There are lots of graveyards here in our region where necromancy is performed. One such example is Hyderabad Shamshan Ghat and very soon I will write an article on it.

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