Dirty Words or Dirty Thoughts?

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A recent personal experience raised some interesting questions about thoughts words and minimum ethical standards in our society.

Don't F* Me, I am Celibate!

When my parents and I returned from Haifa, Israel to my place of birth, Los Angeles, California, the year was 1976. I had just enrolled at California State University, Northridge ("CSUN" pronounced SEE SUN? prohetic for me). The very first two classes I had aced were political science and english poets of the 19th century. The next fun class was journalism. I had no spending money (or not much at that time minimum wage was $2.65/hour), and my parents usually agreed to buy "school books" for me. So I asked them to buy this album for my journalism class. I played it on the family stereo. My mother said it was "profane." My father shook his head. I got an "A" in journalism and the professor, a woman, told me I would make an excellent writer.

The F* ing Landlord Censors Some Tenants' Speech but not others.

The landlord sent me a notice on July 22, 2015. The content of that notice is now disputed in a libel complaint I filed on August 13, 2015 in Washington County Circuit Court, in Oregon, that would not be small claims court, that would be the same level as "Superior Court" was in California. It's not as crowded here in Oregon as the equivalent office was in California. No line. I got red carpet treatment at the Clerk's office. That office is located within the Washington County Sheriff's Headquarters, which I wrote about a few days ago.

We, as a society, tolerate selling of unborn fetuses to the highest bidder. We allow living children to be removed from good loving parents based on perjury and sold in private adoptions. We condone various "false flag" events. We do not hold all elements of society equally responsible for what they say and do. This condones killing of innocents, torture at taxpayer expense, drugging of children, lying to American citizens, poisoning people with vaccinations, GMO foods, etc. In this context how important is use of the "f" word?

A lot of People use this Word, are they all "Profane?"

Notice the part that says "About 426,000,000 results (0.55 seconds)" it might be "obscene" but it is in common use with half a BILLION hits.

I am an ordained minister. I have a ministerial license from a church that the courts have recognized as legitimate. Obviously I am not Catholic.

I used the word in the posted photo from Google as it is described and defined in the non-sexual meaning, as I have not had any sexual partner nor wanted it since 2009, I am sexually celibate.

Is it profane? Is our society in general more tolerant of profanity than in the past? Can a landlord censor private speech on his LAND or on rented land that is occupied by a lawful occupant if that occupant utters words landlord deems in his OPINION to be "profane?" This begs further study! Does First Amendment protect private speech on private land? What if it is a church? Can a church kick someone out that lives in the church if they say this word too often and the church does not like it? Does it have to warn everybody first and give them a chance to find new words? Does it have to kick all people out who use this word?

Can we even define "profane" words in a society that lacks ethics, morality and sells
fetuses on the free market? A society that does not hold its elected official accountable? A society that shoots teenagers in the back, then says "all lives matter?" A society which allows poison foods, requires poison medicine, poison water, poison air and demands conformity at every step of the way? So if my reaction to what I see is F* does that mean I deserved to be evicted from a home I own, in my old age, because I had the huevos to speak up or speak out in outrage? Or do I need to find non homonyms other than frackin, fricking, fudgin...? Should I go back to saying, "Oh dear?" "Oh darn?" If so, I shall commence practicing now, but my outrage remains.

Your thoughts, dear readers?


Censorship, Profanities, Profanity

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I am an ordained minister in my 50s. My ministry is online. I practice meaningful written dialogue, truth in all things. Ascending beyond past. I will be here regardless of pay.

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
10th Sep 2015 (#)

Two days ago the water was shut off at my house for about four hours. I asked the resident manager for contact information for the plumbers who had allegedly "fixed" the "problem" to verify there is a problem fixed by licensed plumbers. She refused. The same day, I filed a new Oregon Real Estate Licensing "Agency" report to notify the State of Oregon that Adam W. Cook, who is a licensed real estate agent, failed to notify me and potentially 75 other homeowners of an unsafe and dangerous condition on the land we all live on, namely: sewage requiring secret maintenance and shut offs of water when we pay him for water and his is 100% solely responsible for sewage and water in the park. The shutoff on the 8th caused me harm. I am wondering if it caused harm to any of the other hundreds of people that share this land and this water. The Agency confirmed today they sent Mr. Cook the new complaint, his answers are now due: to my libel complaint on 9/15 answering for himself and for Jim Ryan; his answer for Claudia Lopez is due 9/22, his answer to the Agency (State of Oregon) is due 9/22.

I will post all developments here and on my other blogs. Nothing I do in this regard is secret or hidden.

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
10th Sep 2015 (#)

The reason I am making an issue of this is because Ms. Ford, also a female senior citizen like myself, was homeless due to SEWAGE flood into her home February 2014. See the local news story, here: http://koin.com/2014/08/06/lawyer-faces-state-disciplinary-probe-after-complaints/

The managers at Pine Ridge Park, where I live now, refuse to discuss this issue, implying secrecy hiding the fact that possibly it is not resolved. Why else hide it?

Five or six homes have been sold every year that I am here, and two were sold in the past two months. Did the buyers of these homes get notice of the sewage hazard? Were they advised to get homeowner's insurance that covers sewage overflow? Two companies insure mobile homes, State Farm and Foremost. Many of my neighbors have State Farm, I had it for three years. State Farm does NOT COVER SEWAGE OVERFLOW DAMAGE at all and they do not disclose this to homeowners or advise them unless the homeowner calls them on a telephone during normal business hours and asks about sewage overflow coverage specifically. I think this is unfair and unethical. I do not know if it also violates the State rules of conduct for a licensed real estate agent, but we'll find out soon.

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
10th Sep 2015 (#)

My neighbor, KA, came over to take my son's old punching bag. He was here yesterday. He says he has been in the park 8 years and during this time the home values have declined from "about $80,000" to what they are now, less than half that for the average home. Is this because of rumors that the land is toxic or has clogged sewers that owner has refused to maintain properly?

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
10th Sep 2015 (#)

I communicated via email in May 2009 with a "Claudia L. Lopez" who identified herself as representing a federal agency, HUD, which is an acronym for Housing & Urban Development. She was the only other party besides my son, landlord of 2009 and police who was aware of false allegations made by landlord to police about me that year. The specific false allegations were not made before 2009 and not again until July 2015. They address how I dress and how I communicate, specifically. The residential manager here goes by the name Claudia Lopez and the computer search I just did with "been verified" went through more than fifty Claudia Lopezes but only ONE individual was located in Oregon and that person is listed as "Claudia L. Lopez" in Hillsboro, OR, which is located about four miles away. Coincidence? Look at the scan posted above, they use the same words to falsely accuse me in 2015 as landlord in 2009 tried and failed with. Did she work for HUD in 2009? Did she violate confidentiality by keeping records for over six years then using them against me here? Maybe not but it looks like it could be. Search yourself for a Claudia Lopez in Oregon, it appears there is only one individual.

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