Disappearing City

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This is a personal experience of how a city is disappearing. It is shocking to know that a beautiful city is disappearing. Read on this article to find the truth.

Disappearing City

Yes, you would be surprised by reading the title of this article. But yes indeed, this is true. This is personal experience of my friend

Mumbai, the financial hub of India… having biggest corporate houses situated at the heart of the city … Even my friend's office building is located at the heart of the city.

My friend's office building is a 40 floor high riser, the office is situated at a very high height, and building is made of transparent glass, the view of the outside is magnificent. The entire sky line of the city is easily visible and one can see the tall sky scrapers to the south of Mumbai.

Whenever my friend had breakfast at the office, he would usually enjoy this sky line. This was his regular habit for last 5 years. But what now he was witnessing for the last one year is that the sky line is not easily visible he has to stress my eyes… to see the skyline… He thought may be he have a problem in my eyes… So He had an eye check up with the doctor…. Doctor said that my eyes were perfectly fine… so he thought may be its not because of my eyes… the sky line of the city is not clearly visible because of Fog.

Last month, when he saw the skyline from his breakfast table at office, many buildings which were visible earlier are not at all visible now. He came to conclusion that this is probably on account of high air pollution in this mega city.

There are almost 19 lakh vehicle in Mumbai city and every day the number keeps on increasing. This worsens the air pollution situation in the city. Increase in construction activity in the city also adds to the air pollution woes. I started wondering when will I see my city skyline again…. Never perhaps ? …

I wish I could see again the skyline of my city which is disappearing. Hope something will be done in this regard … someone should ban the growing number of cars… the beauty of city is decreasing due to increase in pollution caused by these cars…. I guess only God can save my beautiful city….. Hope that I will see my beautiful Mumbai again…..


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author avatar Val Mills
14th Apr 2012 (#)

That's sad to read of the increasing fog, sometimes growth and development are not good things.

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author avatar aerial
15th Apr 2012 (#)

Yes Val.... I certainly agree with you....

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