Dislike Doesn't Change History

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The battle over flying the Confederate flag rages on, this time over a basketball tournament. A dislike for an object doesn't change history.

Waving the Flag

Once again someone – or a lot of someones – is unhappy because South Carolina flies the Stars and Bars of the Confederate flag over their capital building.

The NAACP is having an aggressive discussion with the NCAA over allowing the South Carolina Lady Gamecocks to hos a part of the 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

According to South Carolina state NAACP president Lonnie Randolp the NAACP was not involved in the decision making; nor were they informed of the decision until after it had been made. The NCAA has established a ban for colleges in states that fly the Stars and Bars; but under a new rule, any university that earns their way into the round of 64 by winning the conference championship is allowed to host one of the tournament spots – thus the Lady Gamecocks are hosting a round of NCAA play.

Randolph claims that allowing the Gamecocks to host a tournament round, “appears they (the NCAA) are softening their approach to injustice." Sout Carolina resident and NAACP member James Gallman called the move, “garbage”.

Lady Gamecock coach Dawn Staley said, "I understand the history here in South Carolina. "It's not my history, but it's somebody's history. I think it prevents us and it prevents me from doing my job in a place that I choose to call home. If it creates an opportunity for us not to have , then yes, I'm offended."

According to Randolph,”what the conderacy stands for is against everything America stands for.”

For the eleven states that made up the Confederate States of America the Stars and Bars was the official flag for the states that had seceded from the Union over the right to continue their way of life...and yes, that included the right to own slaves. The Confederate flag is a part of history...an unsettling era, but a part of history none the less.

Wishing it away will not change the fact that for some states south of the Mason/Dixon line their history includes being governed under the flag of the confederacy. For a state like Florida, five flags fly to represent its history. Denying a piece of that history because an organization doesn't like it, will not change the fact that it indeed did take place. Denying the Confederate States...and their flag...it the equivalent of an Israeli denying Hitler's rule of Germany because he objects to the swastika and the Nazi flag.

The NCAA is the ruling body over all collegiate sports and as long as they follow the laws set down by the federal government does not need the permission of anyone to conduct their business – and that includes where they assign the various rounds for tournament play.


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author avatar Retired
21st Mar 2015 (#)

This attitude of the NCAA (something to do with basketball, I understand - surely one of the most boring sports ever invented!) sounds similar to that of the Unionists in Northern Ireland - they see themselves as the victors over a minority population, and are determined to keep reminding everyone of the fact, for example by holding marches through the towns and cities of the Province.

In the case of Northern Ireland, the dispute goes back more than 300 years, so South Carolina has quite a long way to go before attitudes start to change, if they ever do!

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author avatar Sherrill Fulghum
21st Mar 2015 (#)

The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association, they oversee all aspects of college sports. While they have their many faults, on this matter they are simply allowing the team to host their portion of the tournament - a reward for winning their conference championship.

I agree about the basketball, don't really care about that particular sport, but a lot of people do.

Now the NAACP - the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People are the ones upset over the issue.

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