Dissemination of Knowledge

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Knowledge is nothing but collection of thought.knowledge is Most important thing in this world and it should be disseminated through proper channel so other can use it and make benefits from it.

What is Dissemination of knowledge and how it is it disseminated.

As we all have seen a banyan seed, it can be compared to a small sand particle, But when it grows into a large and huge tree, no one can believe that it has grown from such a small seed.

Similarly, each individual has an idea in his mind brain which becomes finally knowledge. If we can disseminate this knowledge in a proper way to the whole world, it becomes very helpful to everyone.

s example let us consider Sir Issac Newton, When he was sitting under a tree and when an apple fell on him he had a question in his mind that why the apple has fallen down , which gave rise to an idea which he converted that into knowledge of gravitation and its laws. then he disseminated this knowledge to whole world and a lot of research has been done about it, which contributed in helping the whole world.

The way of dissemination of knowledge

Think a while ,if he had not disseminated that knowledge in a proper way. We would have been ignorant about those things.

Now, its turns of ways of disseminating the knowledge. Starting from the beginning of civilization,then people used to disseminate knowledge just by exchanging their ideas.

Later Using birds they disseminated the knowledge.As people got more civilised and technology is also increased, the knowledge was disseminated through post,radio,newspaper.

In present scenario, the way of dissemination of knowledge are TV,FM,Social Media,Internet,Computers,You tube,Print media,Face-book,Twitter,Linked-in and also using verbal communication like Tel-conference, Video conference,Seminar etc...


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