Do I like fat girls?

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So, do you like big boodeh to sit on your face while you make love to it? No? Well I thought I don't either, but recently I felt such an attraction for a chick who wasn't what one can call skinny, so do I like big butts and I cannot lie?

Do I like fat girls?

"Ok so are we going out for dinner?", I go to ask Mother and Petros in Mother's workroom.

They don't seem to think we'll be going out tonight. How boring.

"What do you feel like?", Mother asks.

"I think I'd like the taste of Kentucky Friend Chicken", I answer.

Meanwhile, Petros is talking a lot of garbage again. I'm so sorry he didn't remain his better self; he was always completely unbearable but during his latest visit, it seems he hasn't tried his hardest to be a total douche so far.

Unfortunately, it seems as his visit wears on, he shows signs of his own horrible self again.

Like right now. He's talking the same b/s to whom knows who. Mother and I are talking, yet I catch Petros babbling away in his own stupid way about how I need to be weened off food and god knows what other total rubbish. He is the fattest garbage in the world, yet he always, always, always tries to deflect attention off of him and onto me. It's like his mission in life.

It doesn't matter that recently I've become a lot skinnier and fitter. He desperately just wants to act like I'm fat and he will just be quiet about that fat bag of a stomache he carries around. I've asked him before if he doesn't see himself or what. Frankly, he looks like Roley Poley who swallowed the Pillsbury dough boy and then ate a hot air balloon.

Anyway, I leave Mother and Petros and just go get into the car, put on some bouncy music and go out alone.

I eat some delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken and then go visit a supermarket I haven't been to in ages.

As I come out of it, I walk past a girl who is entering with her mother or somebody.

I don't know why but her features just make me feel an attraction that I don't feel very often. It's like once every five years or so, I just spot this person in public or wherever who just make me look twice and I feel like I'm really attracted to them.

Well it hasn't happened in a while, but it's happening now. Funny thing too because this isn't a skinny woman by a long shot. She's not fat beyond bounds, but she's like what would have been considered an attractive girl in the 1930's. Not in 2013.

But I find myself quite attracted to her. Does this mean I like fat girls?

Naah, I think it's just her facial features and shape and the nature that seems to radiate from her. She's not a bitch. She seems to have a quality that screams out at me and I respond.

Well it was only a moment or two and then we both walked on. I don't think she saw me too, but I saw her and liked it.

I suppose next time this happens, I should actually go up and meet such a person I feel an attraction for.

But tonight, I go out into the cold winter air and just want to get back into the car so I can finish eating my deliciously warm Kentucky Fried Chicken and chocolates and orange flavored fizzy drink. Sounds very unhealthy but sometimes it just feels so nice to enjoy it.

I'm actually glad Petros didn't come along because he always makes sure nobody enjoys their food, whatwith his own obsession about fat and the infinite inner conflicts he has about how if it's fattening and unhealthy, one can enjoy it? One should never enjoy anything because the pleasure is going to cost you; such seems his ever-impose-it-upon-others-but-not-myself philosophy.

I must say it's quite unenjoyable to be with someone like that.

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