Do YOU Find It Hard to Visualise?

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Do YOU Find It Hard to Visualise?

You are having trouble visualising or no matter what you try you just cant see a picture in your mind?

Visualisation can help us in relaxation exercises or in spiritual meditation and in trying to use the law of attraction to gain more of what you would want in your life, you can get disheartened though if you just cant see what your are told to imagine. Try this tip.

If i told you to imagine that you were flying through the air like a bird, if i told you to get a picture of it in your mind you may find this hard if you think you cant visualise.

But most people can visualise and practicing the tip I'm about to tell you should help you become better and better at it.

Its very simple and i want you to visualise the things below if they apply to you. Think about each one that applies to you and then try to picture it in your mind.

your daughter or sons face, think of a time when they were really excited, then think of a time when they were asleep.

picture that brand new car/house/computer/phone/pet etc that you have just bought.

picture yourself on your first day of primary or senior school

picture your parents

picture what you ate for your last meal

I bet you could see the images in your mind,yes its a memory but the fact that you can see the memory is still visualisation in its basic form, play around with the above ideas but see if you can make changes each time, for example see if you can imagine your new car in a different colour.

Practice this often and then start to bring other images into the picture into your mind, so for example, if i ask you to picture your child, picture your child but then picture him or her with a hat on, then you can emphasis on changing the environment you see your child in etc, the more you practice the better at it you will become.


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