Do You Have a Writers Notebook?

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Since most writers actually type these days, why does a writer need a notebook? You may be surprised!

My Writers Notebook

I write web content for online publication. I have documents and folders on my computer so that I can easily access them and use them as needed. So why am I so attached to my 3 subject writers notebook? Why will I close my laptop in order to scribble something down in my notebook?

I don't know. Yep, that's right, I have no clue why it feels better to me to jot down ideas and important things in actual ink on paper, but it often gives my idea a more real feel than if I type it. I can always delete an idea in a word processing document, but in my notebook, I write in ink and I can't erase it.

So what are some of the things I scribble down in my writers notebook? Just read on and you will probably be shocked at the many ways an online freelance writer uses a writers notebook.

Sections make it appear organized

A 3 subject notebook is not required, in fact your writers notebook is very personal and will become an ever present companion.This is just a personal choice of mine.

  • Section 1- ideas, titles, article beginnings, important facts to include in an article, word clouds, topics and related topics, subjects of interest.
  • Section 2- Websites of interest, to-do lists, logins and passwords, notes about certain sites, references, email addresses, phone numbers and other day to day things I jot down. At times my writers notebook even contains grocery lists depending upon what I am doing when I think of the things I need at the store.
  • Section 3- plans, ideas for my websites, things I want to research, ideas for my blogs, layouts, goals, fiction, poetry, fun stuff.

The truth about organization

It is pretty much a given that the sections in my writers notebook are basically the only organization to be found in the whole book. I scribble things down, and have been known to search through pages of my notebook for a phone number, only to find it in the margin of a page that isn't related at all, that is just the page I was on when I got the number.

I know some writers probably keep their writers notebook organized, but I kind of revel in the fact that no one else would be able to pick up my notebook and be able to figure out why the word "elemental" is scribbled at an angle across the top of a page full of possible article titles dealing with parenting. To be honest most of the time I don't know the answer to that either, but for some reason at some time that word was worth writing down and when the subject comes up that reminds me of it I will be able to flip through my notebook and combine the word with the idea that it goes with on a whole new page.

So, do you have a writers notebook?

Of all the expensive items that writers can find and dream of owning, one of the most satisfying and most used is a simple notebook that you can pick up at the dollar store. If you don't have a writers notebook you need to get one, and after a few weeks you will wonder how you ever thought you were a writer without it!

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author avatar Synthaea
12th Aug 2010 (#)

Wonderfully creative and useful :). Another huge advantage of a notebook is that it's a lot easier to spontaneously jot ideas down in it.

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author avatar snooky
12th Aug 2010 (#)

Yes i do. each page is dated, thats my organization. As I scribble my ideas I may want to write down something else in the side bars for that date. So it also doubles as a aily diary. & rarely leave home without it.

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author avatar Ehsan
13th Aug 2010 (#)

Having a personal notebook is the best idea! I do have one, and I just keep updating it with random topics and material.

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author avatar sazooo
16th Aug 2010 (#)

I carry my notepad around everywhere with me. Whenever i get an idea i can jot it down. I don't know what i would do without one!

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author avatar Donna Thacker
23rd Aug 2010 (#)

Actually, I have a bunch of those black and white composition books! I love those and Walmart just had them on sale for 25 cents each! Boy can I jot notes now!!

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author avatar SuzAlicie
26th Aug 2010 (#)

Donna I used to use that kind but I often leave my notebook flipped open to a certain page while I am working and I definitely need the spiral type.

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author avatar j.m. raymond
9th Sep 2010 (#)

Suzalicie, many years ago, I wrote 2/3 of a 100,000 word novel just as you described your text in your notebook. My typist -- my wife -- insisted that references on page 20 to see "margin on backside of page 43" and then that note referring back to page 20 was the most difficult thing to type she had ever seen. The notes on p.43 were there because the margins on most of the pages in between p.20 and that one were already used for other notes. A couple of them were entirely different story ideas.

"Oops" didn't seem to be enough of an apology..

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
12th Oct 2010 (#)

And I thought I was the only one! I actually scribbled half a novel between shopping lists and appointments this summer. Nice share.

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