Do You Know What It Means To Love?

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Do you know what it means to love? Find out about this basic foundation of all relationships to give your relationship the intimacy it deserves.

Behold I Show You A Mystery

With all the knowledge and research in today's society there's one topic that remains mysterious to almost all of us: LOVE. As technological advancements increase, love and intimacy in relationships decrease. You could have a PHD from the most prestigious university and still not know anything about the most basic foundation of all real relationships. But rest assured -love is no rocket science, in this post I will share with you what love is and is not. Love is a wonderful thing that we all deserve to experience and a true relationship is nothing without love.

Confused about what it means to love someone? Not sure what are the traits of real love? With 1 Corinthians 13 as my guide I will list the traits and characteristics that define and embody love:

"Love suffers long and is kind"

1. Love is Kind

You absolutely cannot love someone without giving; in all relationships you give of yourself and your possessions.

2. Love is Long-suffering

Long-suffering according to is enduring injury, trouble or provocation long and patiently. Love is not intolerant of trying circumstances, but is understanding and endures all trials that comes its way.

"Love does not envy"

3. Love Is Not Jealous

You cannot love someone and be jealous of them and what they have. Why? Because love is happy when others prosper, love is happy when others are happy. Love shares in their joy and success.

"Love does not parade itself; is not puffed up"

4. Love Is Not Boastful

How can you say you boast and show off on the one you love? If you love someone there is no way you will lord your possessions over them and belittle them.

"Does not seek its own"

5. Love is Compromise

When you love someone you do not try to have things your way all the time because you understand that a relationship is about giving and taking. A relationship involves two individuals coming together so there will be differences, love allows the other person to have their way sometimes as it recognizes that sacrifice is the heart of every relationship.

"Does not behave rudely"

6. Love is respectful

Under no circumstances is it alright to purposely disrespect the one you love. Disrespect breeds anger and contempt which is the enemy of love. Love would never seek to hurt the object of its affection.

"Believes all things, hopes all things"

7. Love Believes The Best

No matter the situation love always believes the best about its partner. A relationship cannot flourish without trust and so Love does not doubt and question its partner but displays trust by believing and hoping for the best.

"Thinks no evil"

8. Love keeps no records

When you love someone you forgive them when they hurt you. Love does not think badly about its partner, dwell on their flaws or wish them evil. True love forgives and lets go.

"Love never fails"

9. Love Never Gives Up

Hoping for the best means that you always give it your best. You will always keep trying to make it work and to improve it. Love never gives up on a partner or situation. Love keeps on fighting!

Loving someone is no easy feat; it takes courage and persistence. You have to be brave to open up yourself to someone at the risk of being hurt but it's always worth the risk when the person you love deeply that loves you back. Love adds a depth to your relationship that is priceless; it's always something worth fighting for. I wish you all the best on journey to love!


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
29th Aug 2013 (#)

I Corinthians chapter 13 is one of my favourite passages in the Bible .
God bless you ramone

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author avatar Trillionaire
30th Aug 2013 (#)

Love is unconditional. The PRICE was paid over two thousand years ago. Thanks.

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