Do never search in the old trunk

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If our past life haunts us, we can write about it, but we should never try to trace them again as we'll probably be disappointed with our findings.

Do never search in the old trunk

Are you one of these people with an eye permanently into the past? I have to admit that I sometimes make such a gross mistake. it may be because Aquarians are said to be futurist people, but with an eye into the past.
Whatever it is, do never feel tempted to look behind or to trace old friends, because one's likely to feel very disappointed with one's findings.
Our past life may contain very happy memories, but it also contains unhappy and even sour ones.
While one ran carefree in the streets, playing with its peers, one's parents were probably having sour arguments on some issues that we, innocent as we were, never suspected they had.
One may think of that close friend, wondering about them, a girlfriend or a boy friend. Then, one starts a search. A new encounter, if this happens, may be pleasant at first, but in the long run, we'll discover that this friend isn't such a friend anymore if they ever were.
If on a given moment, one feels nostalgic and is tempted to trace those lost friends or places where one seemed to be happy, one should think about those people's bad traits or the bad moments that that house or street contained as well as happy memories.
The last time I revisited the street where I spent my early years, I was relieved to see that the old buildings had been knocked down and they had been replaced by tall and modern ones. In fact the old layout of the street had almost been wiped out. In one of those old buildings I'd spent my early years and despite I was a very small kid, I sensed that in that house there lacked everything except for conflict of all sorts.
Our past life aches at times and this is, perhaps, the reason why we're tempted to search in the old trunk, but the best thing we can do is to write about it and then close the notebook (or the computer) to look ahead of the times.
The time we use in tracing for old friends or to go to those places where we grew up and seemed to be very happy, it is time that we could use to find new locations, friends and opportunities for us.
Do keep your past life in a photograph album or written down in a thick notebook while you focus on expanding your horizons with a different lifestyle and new characters in your life that will probably give us as much pleasure as those in our past life.

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author avatar Retired
28th Jul 2015 (#)

It is often difficult not to recall the past! I was at a party recently to celebrate my mother's 100th birthday - I met a whole lot of people whom I had not seen for 40 years and revisited the church that I attended in my youth - it is now being restored and converted, but the old memories kept flooding back!

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author avatar vickylass
28th Jul 2015 (#)

Well, that's different, John! It's normal to attend an event such as your mother's 100 birthday and to meet people that you hadn't met for years. What I mean is that many us (and I include myself) are sometimes way too eager to trace old friends when in fact we should try to get new ones.

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author avatar Retired
30th Jul 2015 (#)

Perhaps we should do both!

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