Do not forget dear Warrior Princess

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This is for all woman you are beautiful you are worthy you are special this poem is for you.

Do not forget dear Warrior Princess

Do not forget dear Warrior Princess

Daughter of God let these words be like the stars was for Simba let it echo
Remember who you are Remember.
Let these words comfort you like the arms of a loving mother
I want you to climb in to this like a baby in her favorite blanket
So snuggle in to this get comfortable and engulf yourself in these words
You have the ability to make knights out of little boys
You helped Hecilies find Love in a time of war
You are the spark to ignite passion in a dead soul
You are nothing less than a princess
You are the inspiration of Gods heart
Your beauty is a war against the enemy
Your presence brings peace
Like Helen of Troy you let a man conquer his fears fight for his queen who is as delicate as Paris
Your soul is as strong as water flowing
Streams stronger than any river flow down the canvas of your cheeks it paints a story deeper than the ocean.
Your story princess
Inside of you is passion bigger then goliath
There is a princess wanting to fight for her believes but caring the tension of wanting to be fought for.
Your Sparta is questions leading you to doubt making you believe lies
Cinderella pleas escape run, run free of this
Channel xenia in you and fight because you are worthy
You are royalty in the eyes of God
Please remember this
Remember that you were created worthy that’s why you are alive.
Remember you have the heart inspired by Gods own, fragile breaks for the broken.
You are a beautiful dancer dance to His glory
You are the reason the words are written now live it

Let all of this be like the Trojan horse it’s a gift enter it in to you heart
Let the words invade every space let them burn down all negativity
Build up the broken
Save the true of heart
Make Love to the Good
Let it pump in new water to cleanse the city of your heart
You are a princess worthy to be fought for
You are a warrior worthy to be loved
I look up in the night sky and I see how the stars sparkle your story
Warrior I know a galaxy moving its dust particles of light dark matter its clusters of stars to write you a letter:
My dear I love you.


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author avatar Richard McDonald
Hi I am Richard McDonald I am a poet writing to ignite embers awaken dormant passions.
Trying to write Gods heart beat to listen for His whispers and translate it on paper. Peace and Love.

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That's a lovely poem. =)

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