Do the police steal motor vehicles?

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Uncle Gus is in town, looking for something in a store. They tell him to just walk around the corner to another store.

The other store doesn't have what he needs, so he goes back to the white bakkie which he had come in.

It's gone. Stolen. Disappeared.

White bakkie stolen

How in blazes did it happen so fast? Only about ten minutes or so?

Well, it's gone, and although it's insured, one will never find such a great car again for the insured amount.

Osborn says it won't even help to search for the vehicle, because it will have long been completely modified in a chop shop in the lokasie.

Why are people so evil? I guess that's a question asked by many a victim of crime.

Uncle Gus comes to Tower Mansion to ask for the file Father has on the vehicle, so he can provide it all to the police etc.

The police were the criminals?

Uncle Gus and Auntie René are having tea with us this morning.

Uncle Gus has quite an interesting story to tell regarding the white bakkie that was stolen the other day. The white bakkie belongs to the business Father and Uncle Gus have between them.

After he had been to the police, the night at around 2am he receives a call from the police. They tell him they found his car right where he had parked it.

Only thing is, where they say the car is parked is NOT where he had parked it. It's on another side of the building. However, the police seem to have hoped that Uncle Gus would believe that perhaps he had just forgotten where he had parked it and that he would accept that where they say the car is now parked, is where he had parked it.

Next morning Uncle Gus goes to have a look. However, the car isn't there.

So he calls the police. They say the car isn't there anymore; it's with them at the police station.

When Uncle Gus gets to the police station, the police won't tell him how they moved the car from where they say it was still standing last night, to the police station. There is something fishy going on here; they avoid the question and one policeman just says he wasn't personally involved, but it seems they all do that and ... who actually was involved? Uncle Gus couldn't get a straight answer.

Anyway, it's obvious something fishy is going on here. It's becoming obvious that maybe the police were involved in the theft in the first place, but have now somehow given the car back. It's impossible to get a clear story from them.

Oh well, the car is back and Uncle Gus and Father are happy, and hopefully the whole weird thing is now over.

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