Do you see your life goes up?

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a poem that is based on real actual events ,a criticism of a certain life style

Do you see you life goes up?

Girl you got your face wrapped up in make up
fake titties ,fake butts you got your Facebook hyped up
niggers go crazy when they see you roll up
soo many guys in your pocket you think you’ve climbed up
you speak up about confident yet you chicken out when things got hard up
you want a perfect relationship but you cant hold up.
Walk in a wonderland but in real world you fail to stand up
crave for attention ,yet when others judge you ,you get riled up
pride filled up with rocket fuel, you never stop going up
black,white ,poor,rich ,posh,gode ,this is how you check the world up
you say you like his personality yet his money is the thing you got hooked up
I hear you've become a feminist yet your girl friends don’t dig that up
girl lemme ask you something up
do you see your life goes up.

You speak about national values yet I’ve never seen your mother tongue come up
you wear fancy cloths with so many windows open up ,
yet you cover them up
when others try to check you up,
I hear you donate millions to cancer hospitals and that brings your ranks up
but why do you get angry when innocent people come for a penny to eat up
makes me wonder you do all that charity to cover your taxes up.
You speak of drug prevention yet I’ve seen you smoke that cocaine up
I see that you enjoy your freedom in the land of freedom by switching your freak switch up
sex,drugs,money, sex ,drugs ,money, sex drugs, money ,is this how you've climbed up.
You dont care about the consequences because you've got rich parents to cover your shit up
but what will you do when they finally go up.
You used to spend time with everyone by turning that beautiful smile up
but now why do I see a "seen" up when I say "whats up"
girl lemme ask you something up
do you see your life goes up.

Not judging your lifestyle while I have my shit up
its okay to roll in a Lamborghini but once in a while it wouldn't hurt to look other cars up
I know you've got your internal problems higher up
but name one person who doesn't have their shit in a fuck up
girl I don’t know what turned you up
I know you blame love,money, parents,friends saying they changed you up
but don’t you ever forget that you also played a part in your life that got so messed up
yet I admire your efforts for trying to turn a new page up
but I hate it when you go to the same old page without even enjoying the new page that you turned up
girl lemme ask you something up
do you see your life goes up.


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