Do you very often get angry?

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As usual, I am not going to write about any tips and tricks to get rid of anger. It is a sort of any other expression like how we worry we get angry. Like how we feel happy and laugh or smile, same way we get angry. This is a piece of work wherein I have bundled my personal experiences together to make it work as a whole.

Love and Anger

I am afraid to talk much on these two dead-end poles, nevertheless i am going to. Don't we all agree that we loose our nerves at times, some people all the time and some people most of the time and the rest are always serene either because they do not want to express their anger or emotions and strong enough to accept or they are weak enough to go home and weep all through out the day.

"I don't want any of this to change", is the underlying notion for anyone to get mad on anyone. Those who remain calm aren't those who are weak. Now, "did you notice me contradicting what i have mentioned earlier as to weak enough to weep", Yes. I meant that. Staying calm or quiet is not weakness but anger is a kind of weakness which we need to overcome.

My grandma used to tell me when i was a kid ,"Anger is something that makes you do things in haste and you end up confused, repent, regret". True to myself, I have grown very calm in years not because of these notions that i have been hearing from people or not because of the criticisms i heard from my relatives every day whenever i expressed myself, but because i felt the need to change.

Each of us express our emotions in the way we can at that point of time. However, it is the perception people start to have about us which changes the way we express. As a kid when i used to get angry, i used to tap my feet, get inside my bedroom and weep for about an hour and come back normal on a flat after sometime. Gradually my anger turned into silence which will cause nothing but provoke thoughts. Relationships will quickly turn into shape than ever expected once you keep anger side and step up with a smile though difficult.

At least when you get angry, don't ask or think about the reasoning portion which will only burn the flames even more. Argument with your boy friend or girl friend will happen quite often though you dont quite anticipate and have love for such disputes. Yet, take time off, just step aside after a small heated argument rather than digging deeper and being left with nothing.

Be it with your friend or lover or your family or any other acquaintance, Pinpointing the wrong or misdoings will only create more of misconceptions and misunderstandings to a greater extent. Hardest and the worst point is the point of conflict wherein each person's notions differ from the other which leads to conclusion that either if people are in relation, they wish to breakup and if it is the relations otherwise,they still want to loose family. If we can overcome those emotions such as the attitude part and egoistic or self-pride nature, we can easily overcome anger and spread love all over.

May sound philosophical but each word i wrote matters a lot if you want to be one of those in 10 ratio with the ability to handle emotions and people and situations without becoming aggressive or being rude, You will stand out of crowd in a very small span of time as a lovely human being.


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author avatar Shaunak
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

yes, Anger is indeed responsible for lots of breakups between friends. One good thing about anger is that u feel relieved when u have expressed urself. It also depends on other person who is the target of anger. If i find my friend who gets angry quite often, i don't mind them coz its not from the heart.

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author avatar vpaulose
3rd Aug 2012 (#)

Nice article Swetha. Glad to read your writing after so many days.

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author avatar Euphonos
12th Aug 2012 (#)

@Paulose: thank u..Yup i am writing after very long time and will keep in pace more from now :)

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author avatar vpaulose
18th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you Shwetha for contact through comment. I am extremely glad that u r back. Hope to be in more contact.

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