Doctor Killarney has died

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I get more rather sad news on my cellphone today. My holistic health doctor has passed away.

Doctor Killarney has died

Some time in the late afternoon I receive a text message on my cellphone.

It's from the woman who worked with Doctor Killarney. He is the doctor that Father and I used to go to for our holistic health treatments. Those treatments helped me a lot to get my blood sugar problems under control.

Doctor Killarney has died yesterday afternoon, says the message.

When Father comes home, he tells Mother and I that it was because he went for an operation at a hospital where he got the "hostpital bug", or septisitis if I'm not mistaken.

He died from this. It's terrible to go to the hospital where you are supposed to be healed, only to be infected with a virus that then kills you. However, the "hospital bug" has become a common feature of state hospitals.

Anyway, this is rather sad. From the message though, it seems that the holistic health practice will still carry on. Probably that woman will carry on with it if I had to guess.

These treatments were good; apparently they have medicines in bottles that have all sorts of ingredients in it, and then after measuring all your vitals and stuff with shiny silver rods and recording the results on computers, the medicine bottle is then placed on a pad that then activates only the ingredients, and enough of it, that you will need for your personal case.

Did these actually work? Father seems to have lost interest, but if I had to say honestly, I do believe these medicines did make quite a difference. It gave me a better quality of life, because there was a time I had so much problems with blood sugar levels, I could hardly stay awake after eating even just a bit of sugar. Nowadays I can handle sugar much better, and I think these treatments had something to do with it.

Anyway, may Doctor Killarney rest in peace, and enjoy being in a place where there shall be no more illness and discomfort.

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