Does America really suck?

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Article about the main flaws of the country America.


MURICA, yeah! Here to save the mothering day! Yeah, I believe some of you have heard of the song before. America is apparently the strongest country in the world now, and people do dislike it for many reasons. Since I really don't just walk up to people and ask if they hate America and why. I don't exactly like America that much, and I do wish I could go to a different country. Every country has its pros and cons, and no country is special. It took us WAY too long to make gay marriage legal. It took at least 43 elections to get a black president, whilst we are still awaiting a female one. (Oh, and just because a president is female, doesn't mean that they are likely to get all the votes. An election is for who is the better president, not who is special.)

Money is power

Money is very powerful in America. Sure, this goes for many other countries, but money is literally in every single second of life. That floor is money, the clothes you wear are money, and so forth. When it comes to society, no one really cares about you, all they want is to just make money out of you. Some people say "We actually love the community and we take all the good suggestions!", but all they really do is ignore the community, or take an idea and claim it for themselves. Some companies have to do some of the most sorry things in order to get money to do something, such as making something that will force you to pay up a lot of cash, make something worth more than it should even be worth, and many more things that I have not mentioned. So at the end of the day, if you don't have enough money in America, you are more than likely to die.

Can be boring and repetitive

Lets be honest, America can easily be boring and repetitive. Depending on where you live, of course, but at my current situation, nothing really happens. Sure you can go ahead, head to the park, eat something, or go ahead and head to the beach, but yet again, its all on where you live. I could easily write what I always do in the day, but I don't want to show too much of my personal life. Japan seems like a bustling city, and I really do want to go there. London is also an nice place to go for vacation, and yet, there isn't anything that intertesting over at America. Sure, there are monuments and buildings of history, but that's just about it. However, if you have a lot of money, you can definitely do many fun things, Disneyland, sport games, and many other things that you can do.

Media is mediocre

The media is pretty terrible. Some movies are actually good, but it seems like people are now giving up. Most of the games, is either a sequel or a remaster. Most of the shows literally don't make sense, either. Who makes a show about preacher daughters partying and swears so much that it puts sailors to pity? And don't even get me started on the music, it REALLY did get terrible. We went from uphill to a video purely of a bunch of girls twerking. (Funny how we have feminism, and all of a sudden, a random women makes all the female celebrities twerk on the screen to ruin their public image.) I used to love rap, but now it literally just talks about being rich, having sex, and so many other disgusting things I don't really want to discuss.


And no, America isn't the most free country in the whole wide world. Its actually New Zealand, (Please take note that piece of information is time-sensitive.) But really, America isn't exactly the worst country in the world. At least it isn't North Korea, Belgium, or Greece! I guess us Americans should be proud of the land that was built from the ground up to the top. One thing I just want to let out is that, why is a country talking about how it wants its citizens free, but we still have sweatshops, child slaves, a history of slavery, and much more? However, please tell me some of the really good benefits of being in America, because everyone really do make it sound like the worst place to be! Anyway, have a great day!


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14th Jul 2015 (#)

Israel and zionism won't allow USA to grow and rise up to the moral height as it has been aspiring for so long..

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