Does It Affect The Marriage Relation , If There is More Difference in Age?

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Here a review is shared with the readers about the spouse if they earn more than their counterparts.

Does It Affect The Marriage Relation , If There is More Difference in Age?

A marriage always survives on the basis of a strong relationship between the couples. A relationship can be built up in a moment and again it can be broken up in the twinkle of an eye. In the modern age, it is really difficult to sustain a good relationship between the couples; rather, it can be said that keeping a marriage in healthy form is a great challenge for them.

In a world of complexity and modern technology, marriage is a kind of fashion for many. Marriage is as if a kind of play. Many people do not know the main objective of marriages. So they cannot take the proper decisions while making marriages. Though age matters little in marriages, some people take it very serious. In ancient times, the age gap between couples was more or less about fifteen years. Despite this age gap, they happily lived together for their whole life.

But in modern days a gap of fifteen years between the couples is too much. If someone’s wife is too younger than him, it is sometimes tough to keep up a good harmony between them. Because their mental activities and psychological aspects are different from each other, they always tend to go to diverse directions. Physical requirements are of great importance in marriage, so a long gap between the couples may arise some significant problems. But if the couples are from the same culture and tradition, they may be able to tackle the odd situations in their life. Again if they are from different cultures, they may not be able to take up the challenges that they may face in their conjugal life. As a result, they may break up at any time. This is the reality of an age gap between the couples.

Life is really mysterious in the matter of marriage. We should understand that marriage is not only for just making merriments but also for generating mankind. Keeping the fact in mind, we can come to the conclusion that age is not actually a factor in the case of marriage. If there are mutual understandings, sympathy and love between the couples, age gaps cannot do much harm in their conjugal lives.

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