Does a Deadly Raven Exist ?

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The Deadly Raven, as the name suggests, is believed to be the spirit of a ferocious murderer who was making the lives of the people miserable.

Highlighting Some of the Facts of 18th Century

The 18th century witnessed some reforms to the strict laws.People belonging to Britain became skeptical about the existence of any thing like supernatural. The masses started taking scientific knowledge and believe it or not, their prosperity is an eye opener for the rest of the world. That was the beginning of new ideology. The Witch hunt was starting to die and people became more human lover a well as natural environment preservers. There was lots of emphasis on the study and research.But the believers still believe in mythological characters of old times. Still today, we have dozens of claims available both on books, the internet and the newspapers.They might be accurate or just a piece of garbage, but people love these sort stories.

Who was the Deadly Raven and What He Did?

In the era of 17th Century, people belonging to the West Drayton, England,started claiming that they were hearing screaming as well as gate knocking sounds from the nearby church .This concept was rejected by the people who used to live in the nearby colonies as well as far places. The believers witnessed a black and big bird. A group of four men and two boys went to go after that bird and somehow, they were able to caught that raven. After being smacked with a stick a few times, the raven fell to the ground with a scream. But just as its body hit the floor, the bird disappeared from its attackers’ eyes. Still, after that incident, the raven could be seen flying around its usual spots. Among the villagers, it was said that the bird was actually the ghost of a murderer who’d killed himself. Back then, a man like that wouldn’t have been allowed a proper burial, but his family had managed to get him a spot in the churchyard. That place was supposed to be haunted by his spirit in the form of Black Raven.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Jan 2018 (#)

Well if it did exist, watch it fly into the haunted house and transform into a man and kill the first person who comes to them with a blood curdling scream. All for the money remember, all for the money. It doesn't drop the ring on the femme fatale's finger.

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