Does it Breath

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This is an poem that explains me and its still a work in progress hope my writing breaths

Does it Breath

Does it Breath.
Is it just letter composing words or is it my mind giving birth
These babies are more mature then me,
Breathing better than I ever will
Like a tree rooted to me but yet no fruit depends on me.
Out the door still dripping of my tongue but goodbye final.
Biblical records of experience lived by one and saw by two
Muddy ponds filter with the oceans waves watering
Beaches watering crystal glasses window pane filled with sands of time.
Children in their adult lessens building rebellious barriers
Walls to climb of which only parents learn to let go
And so I taste the burning responsibility a parent carries
To not let go but to leave the grip of safety to stop burning dark forests.
It’s only a false illusion of safety but to let trees grow just as a child has branches to cling and climb like we did on the fingers of God.

Does my fingers create life or give breath?
Answer me ink and paper did the tree you came from not die in vain
Does it still supply oxygen?
Does it breathe?

Some Old Oak

Painted like the true tears of a clown
Smile and laugh call up the jester here to pleas your kings.
Emotional slave chained weighted down at the heart.
Dragging pulling smiles around.
Seeing but never sawn only viewed like yesterday’s news

No more than an entertaining fool
Fool none the less a sober drunk
Closer and closer more out of view less to see
An entertaining glance.
Funny as a clown life
Humour to all but him to him no one close but lonely sorrow and heart break.
A serious clown has no work with the same pain.

Some kind of son

Does Moon know he is in the dark?
Does Son know it’s surrounded by light?
Inside me I bear the knowledge of the pain I caused you.
Lips planted on the soil of me cheek
Nothing grow no love no daisy’s no roses
Seeds fallen urging wanting only to find no drop.


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author avatar Richard McDonald
Hi I am Richard McDonald I am a poet writing to ignite embers awaken dormant passions.
Trying to write Gods heart beat to listen for His whispers and translate it on paper. Peace and Love.

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author avatar Utah Jay
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

It seems that clowns wear sad faces.

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author avatar Richard McDonald
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

all they have to do is walk on their hands

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