Dolly Voodoo

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love goes on, it grows up, it moves out of town, it marries someone else. love goes on no matter how much we beg it to stay

Dolly Voodoo

Dolly Voodoo
Seven times I told you,
Seventy pins in seventy dolls on seventy dusty shelves in New Orleans backrooms.
Seven times I warned you
Seven hundred aches, seven hundred acres
I run across.
I outrun the burn and I outrun the grief
The witch in me, I race with her too.
Seven miles to run, seven miles behind.
And I pass that playful laugh of yours, grab at it
and stick it in my pocket, shove it deep, deep in my pocket.
And I pass that twinkle in your eyes
and I grab that too,
send it on a paper rocket flying the speed of light into seven universes far away.
I grab that last promise
the one that was slippery and hard to hold onto.
I grab it and hold it tight
And I run.
I told you I would
(you looked so surprised).
I run and my bones hit the ground with the rhythm and pulse of a tribal drummer
He drums out in my head
Run, Run, rabbit. Run.
He drinks my optimism from a cup, then beats his drum. Run, chickadee, run run.
He vomits my clarity at my feet all the while his brown weathered hands drum a ceaseless beat. Run, baby. He loves you not, run.
On the seventh day I run from you and
I find that I am made now from the down of your hair
so I run until I am bald.
I find that I am made now from the frost that grows like stalagmites dripping from your tongue.
I am made up from the laces of your promises tied neatly into a bow.
Celtic knot of assurances and reassurances.
I am made up of stolen glances and knowing sighs of lovers lost afternoons. I run.
I am made up of your indecision. They bounce gleefully inside me. "I don't know, I don't know..." they insist as they hit walls and corners in careless randomness.
They are lazy, I outrun them with ease.
Seven times I told you,
Itchy souls need no encouragement to find it's lover, Isolation.
Seven miles between me and you
Seven hundred to go.



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I am that woman who sits on the train looking, for all the world, like a tired, single working mother commuting. I AM that mother, but that far away dreamy look in her eyes? Meet the writer in me.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Aug 2014 (#)

You are a voodoo practioner and this not something that should be publicly practiced. Its an art that has brought detriment to people using Voodoo dolls.

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