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A writing prompt where a seemingly normal conversation takes place under unusual circumstances.

Even the most mundane conversations can thrive under crazy circumstances.

“So, did you catch the fight?”
“Yeah man, Golovkin is a monster. I fucking felt that knockout.”
“Yeah, Vanes got put to sleep. I’m sure when Canelo is available, he’s also gonna get put down.”
“Nah man, GGG is good but by the time he face Canelo, he might as well be the same age as Hopkins. Canelo is younger, faster and can take a hit. He’s gonna ice the old man. Hell, at this point, GGG should just go for Saunders.”
“What?!? Did you not see the first fight? The only reason it was given as a draw was because of that bullshit card from Byrd! When they do fight again, Saul is gonna get outclassed again.”
“Come on man, the reason it was given as a draw was because it was an even fight. Canelo had him handled. The only time GGG had the upper hand was in the middle of the fight. I’d bet my house that the next-”
“P…please guys…you can take the car and anything you want. Just PLEASE….let me go!”


“Man, shut the hell up! Were…”
“Talking to you? Huh?!?”

“Then shut your ass up! And where the hell did you get this idea that you’re in a position to bargain?”
“Yeah, tell him man.”
“We are gonna take whatever we want! That’s why it’s called a robbery!”
“Yeah, that’s right bitch!”
“Now, are we gonna have problems?”

“That’s what I thought.”


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