Dont Lie to Your Kids!!! Part Two Three Common Lies

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Tales of how lying to kids and really screw them up

Face Change

Ok now this is one of the most common lies you will probably hear and it goes a little like this "Hay honey if keep making that face and the wind changes it will stay like that forever and you wont be able to change your face". Erm.... I dont know about you but firstly this does not make any sense otherwise the human race would be walking around with whatever face they happened to be making when they were a baby and the wind changed. Secondly this is completely horrifying to a child and I dont need to remind you that using fear tactics as an excuse for parenting is never a good reason for anything. So remember the rule of thumb "When in doubt don't lie to kids!".

The Stalk

This is a common lie that many parents use to cover up the so-called shamefulness of sex. Although why making love is shameful I dont know and this is not a debate I want to get into since everybody has the right to view sex however they want without judgement on my part.
But I will say this telling your children that babies come from magical stalks which fly from magical lands filled with pixies is never good because one day your child will find out that that was a lie and that they had spent nearly a decade or more believing this.
I knew a girl once who found this out in science class and she threw such a fit of rage that is disturbed the entire school. She was so upset that she threatened to hit anyone who came near her and she was pulled out of class for several days.
Now the reason I advice never to lie about stalks being the cause for babies is this simple reason. We naturally believe what our parents tell us even if it does not make sense and when we find out what we have believed all our lives to be a lie then it causes a deep betrayal feeling that drives to the very core of our being. It is a hurt and a wound that will never heal. And let me emphasis the word "NEVER", there are a great many psychological trauma's and emotional pains that are caused by this one lie. So please not for my or anybody else sake, if you will do one thing from this story series it is this, do not tell your kids lies about where babies come from because this is the MOST detrimental lie out there.


The last lie I will outline is the white lie, although why the colour of the lie makes any difference is beyond me because telling a lie is the same in any colour be it black, green, red or yellow. A lie is a lie and that is that. But one lie will have noticed being told to kids especially is "never tell a lie but a white lie is ok". This basically tells kids that lying in a certain colour is ok (although how this is achieved is beyond me), but kids are smart and to them they thing "well if I can make all my lies white then everything is A ok". Remember kid logic is not the same as adult logic so if you tell them that by making the lie white is ok then magicly in the kid's mind all lies become white.
So in future explain things to kids and make sure to teach the value of the truth, remember the saying "one lie usually leads to a thousand lies to cover it up" and always follow the rule "When in doubt don't lie to kids!".

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dont lie to anyone.....good write Karim...

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