Dora- The Futures Pandora.

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This article is a simple short story. It's based on the story of Pandora's box, but set in the future and around a character called Dora. This story is not meant to be took to serious, it is just a short piece of fictional fun.


Life had once again become blessed, so much so that the gods again came down to earth to walk and talk with the humans. We went from goodness to atomic and nuclear evil, back to goodness again. Just like so many of the ancient texts had promised. The sun shone strong day after day, as people harnessed it's free energy to drive cars, fly planes and light up their cities. The days of fossil fuel and profit, were thankfully long gone.

Tom was a learned man, capable and smart. Even in this enlightened age he stood out from the rest. He had everything a man could want, a beautiful wife and good friends and even a close friendship with a number of gods. His wife Dora was strikingly pretty, and had a style and dress sense to match. Sexy yet smart with a humble personality, all the qualities any man could wish for.

Tom and Dora had one of the prettiest flower gardens around, in this sacred time everybody had things growing in their gardens. Tom looked up from the plant he was transplanting from pot to the earth, when he spotted Mercury heading in his direction. Tom said to his wife "Aye up, we have company". As Mercury made his way up the their garden path, he was warmly embraced by Tom and Dora. The heavy dark chest Mercury was carrying did not go unnoticed by the young couple.

Mercury was not his usual good humoured self on this day, as he looked hot and very tired. "My friends could I ask a favour" Mercury said. "It is just so hot today, could I leave this chest with you". Mercury told Tom and Dora that he may need to leave the chest for a while, and the couple were happy to help. Tom and Dora were kind and generous who liked to help people, but a good deed to the gods is something only good things can come from they both thought. Mercury gave them a final warning before leaving, as he anxiously said "nobody should open this chest".

Once Mercury had left, Tom and Dora inspected the strange looking chest. It had weird markings on it, and was tied shut with golden cords. A little later Tom had lost interest, but Dora was strangely fascinated by the chest. Then all of sudden she heard whispers coming from the box. "I heard voices" Dora said pointing at the box in disbelief. Tom had moved over to his wife, and they both leaned into the box listening for any sounds. All of sudden Tom could here voices shouting his and Dora's name. Only they were not coming from the box, but from a crack where the window was open.

"It's only our friends Dora, come let's go and see everyone", but Dora had a strange look on her face which went unnoticed by her husband. "You go dear I am not in the mood today", said Dora. As soon as Tom had left, Dora moved closer to the chest. Listening for the voices, and soon they started again. Dora put her ear to the chest, and the voices became stronger. Now she was positive that the voices were calling her name. "Dora" they shouted, "let us out we are trapped and it's dark and scary". Even though the god Mercury had said nobody should open the chest, Dora felt so sorry for these little voices. They sounded so sad, Dora could not take it any longer.

Dora bent down and started to untie the golden cords. The begging voices continued from inside the box. As the golden cord's became loose, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. She then slowly opened up the lid.

At that instant Dora new she had done a terrible thing, as the box was full of all the evils in the world. Moth like creatures arose from the box, these were the creatures of evil. They carried all the hurt, pain and misery imaginable to man and woman. These evil creatures flew all around Dora, stinging her. And for the first time in her existence Dora felt regret, pain and suffering. Just like Eve in the Garden of Eden when she ate the forbidden fruit. Dora screamed hysterically, jumping forward and slamming the chest lid shut. But it was all to late, evil had once again found a way into the world.

Tom now on his way back home heard the screams of Dora, which is something he had never heard before. He went running to her. On his hurried arrival the moths went for him, snapping and biting. Before flying off into the world, threw the open window. Tom looked at his wife and fury built up inside him. He started to shout and she shouted back, before they knew it they realised they were doing something they had never done before, arguing.

Then all of sudden a new voice started from the chest. "Let me out" it screamed, "I can help you". Tom and Dora looked at each other and had a quick discussion about what they should do. They agreed the worst had already happened, and decided to open the box again. Something that looked like a beautiful butterfly appeared, it was the spirit of hope. Dora and Tom were relieved as the spirit of hope flew around them, healing their sores and stings.

In this sacred new world of goodness, evil had yet again found away in. But as ever, the great power of hope is here to try and heal the wounds of the suffering.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Jul 2015 (#)

It was the blue fairy called hope not a butterfly.
Get the story right Michael.
Btw Mercury came back to ask for the box, but found the evil had already been released.
Gave rise to Wages of SIN is death but Hope gave a reason to live despite the pain.
To my friend it came from children and to me from One Above.
I never returned to the place where they unleashed pain from but just live in hope in my Valley of Flowers.

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