Doting Sam--Part One

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A young man in search of sexual satisfaction...finds himself a slave of his overwrought mind--as he becomes driven by lust.

Doting Sam

On Sam's first time heading to a brothel, his heart pounded in adrenaline induced excitement, and he was filled with a lascivious feeling that comes when a lecher is in anticipation of having heated sex with a paramour: The covert den of iniquity was located in an area in the Bronx, New York. One of his Puerto Rican buddies named Tito brought him there. Tito was the same age as Sam, seventeen, but their counterfeit identification cards indicated that they're twenty-one.

The moment Sam stepped inside, he spotted her and she was an eyeful who captured his fancy. Her, and all the other females, were scantily clad. She was hispanic, five foot seven, plump, young and delicate. Sam guessed her to be no older than twenty-five.

As Sam sat on the plush sofa, he ogled her from a distance and noticed her conspicuously large thighs, piercing brown eyes, slim waist and ponderous breasts. Suddenly, churning thoughts of a blow job began burning in his head. It inflamed his sex-drugged mind, until he could no longer maintain his composure. So he signaled her with his hand, and as she noticed his signal, she began mincing her way towards him.

Finally, she was facing him, and although he knew she was fluent in English, he's a polyglot, so he decided to employ that gift by addressing her in her own vernacular. He said, "Chula tentadar, ya tu sabes, eres tu que yo quiero. Cuanto costa?" That is translated, "Flashy temptress, you already know, it is you I want. What's the cost?"

"One hundred for half an hour, Senor." she replied coyly.

"What!" he exclaimed in disbelief. "Porque tanto(why so much?) Besides, I just want a blow job."

"It's still the same Senor. You've come to the right place. We're the finest mama citas around. We're good at what we do. Guaranteed satisfaction." She was emphatic with her words. But, she won him over. Had it not been for his wanton mind, he would have got up and left. He was financially unstable, so money was scarce in his pocket. Six hundred is what he had, and it came from his pay check which he cashed two days prior.

So he said to her, "Chula, you sure drive a hard bargain, but I'm all yours. Let's get busy now." She immediately led him into a room, and after he doffed his clothes, she began pleasuring his tool with her mouth. "Oh yeah..., fantastic!" he mumbled over and over again. Then, suddenly, he began to tremble and felt feeble in the knees. He gritted his teeth and moaned as he was spent. "Woman, this was only five minutes!" he voiced his disappointment. "I want my money back. And if you won't give it back, at least let me twist you out for the rest of the twenty-five minutes. I know I have a strong back."

"But Senor," she replied, "it's not my fault you was spent so quickly. You should have controlled it."

As the reality of her words registered, Sam's head began to spin, and he felt a rush of madness shoot through his body like adrenaline. She was right, it isn't her fault he was inflamed by his lust and couldn't control his orgasm. But still, he couldn't seem to allow a harlot, whom he was paying for her service, to talk to him in any manner. So he looked her cruelly in the eyes and snarled, "It's your fault, not mine! Seduction is your field of specialty, you should have done something. And if you wasn't so damn drop-dead-gorgeous, maybe I would have controlled myself. Now give me sex, I have a strong back!"

"Okay, papi, your wish is my command. You don't have to be so feisty about it. Just slip on the protection and let's do it." She swiftly doffed her scant clothes, and as Sam noticed her bushy private part, he felt so vivified, fully ready for action.

She approached him, pushed him onto the bed, and immediately straddled him, guiding his tool inside her. Her nipples stuck out hard in her excitement. She then closed her eyes and began making alien sounds of passion; grunting and panting. Her lips were pulled back, showing her clinching teeth, while she threw her hips to and fro in a twirling motion. It felt good. She squirmed faster and was really getting set to enjoy it when it was all over. Once again, Sam was spent, and there was still ten minutes remaining. "That's it!" she blurted disappointingly. "I should charge you more. I got next to nothing out of this pleasure."

For a brief moment Sam felt a sudden anger; a killing, murderous anger. Not at her, but at himself for being so weak. He felt less than a man. But hold up, he said to himself, didn't I warn this harlot about downplaying my performance? She said she got almost nothing out of the pleasure. Now I know what needs to be done. If this Bunny's going to be boiled, I'm gonna have to turn up the heat. I may be young and still got a lot to learn about seduction, but I have never had a chick downplay my performance. So let me show this Bunny just how much of a dog I could be.

He jumped out of the bed and snarled, "Chula, on your back! I'm gonna' eat you like you've never been eaten before. I've got ten minutes, so rest assure, by the time I'm done with you, I'm gonna' linger in your mind--and you're going to remember me for a very long time." Having said that, he moved into action and began pleasuring her with his mouth. Seven minutes later, her face grimaced as she was rapidly verging her climax. Then, she gritted her teeth and moaned, and forth came her slimy bodily discharge. "Mission accomplished." Sam said to himself while putting on his clothes.

As he proceeded to make his way out the den of iniquity, he thought about her expression and the manner she reached her sexual completion, and he grinned a sheepish grin and suddenly felt proud of himself. It was a feeling of machismo.

As Tito and Sam perambulated, Sam felt nauseated by the lingering taste of the Chula's private part, so he began spitting on the ground. "Yo', you alright man?" worried Tito asked.

"I don't know man, maybe." Sam replied dubiously. "I feel a bit strange. I went down-town on a chick today, and that's my second time doing that. Do you think I was wrong?"

Tito cackled briefly and said, "My man, take my word, you're gonna' have to do a whole lot more of that if you wanna' be successful with the chicks. That's what they like...that's why many of them become lesbians. A lot of guys lose their chicks because they don't wanna' do that for them. I'm a gigolo, and I'ma' tell you this; whatever a chick wants you to do for her and you refuse, she's gonna' look for somebody who will do it for her."

Sam thought about the matter for a moment and realized there was truth in Tito's statement. A lot of men are passive, egocentric, selfish and conceited. If such men are not careful, their haughtiness can cause their cup to run over and launch their ego--sending them on an ego trip. Then, they become the center of the world and full of themselves. And whenever it comes down to cording and intimacy, their sensuous desires has to be addressed, while they ignore the woman's desires. Such fools become oblivious of the fact that women are different from men. They fail to realize that women are more sensitive and emotional, and that when it comes down to sensuous pleasure the woman needs to be paid a little more attention. In a rational perspective, it is a man's duty to find out what a woman's desires are, so that he can do his best to fulfill them. If not, the day will come when that man will be forced to acknowledge a stark truth: That whatever desires a man refuses to fulfill for his woman, she's going to look for someone else who will fulfill them for her.

When Sam pleasured the Chula with his mouth, she was in cloud nine. It seemed his mouth job outweighed his tool job. And when all was said and done, she was satisfied, and he was left to feel disgusted. That was the second time he went down-town on a female, and the first time was not freewill: He was nine years old, and she was a very tall middle-aged woman, only a fraction under six feet. She shared a rat-infested apartment with his mother, and helped out with the chores and paying the bills. The incident happened one evening when Sam's mother was out working. She grabbed Sam's hand and led him inside her room and shut the door. She commanded Sam to stay put as she doffed her clothes. There was confusion in Sam's eyes when he noticed her stark naked flesh. Moments afterward, she began pleasuring herself with her fingers and making alien hissing sounds. After nearly ten minutes of doing that, she jerked herself up and grabbed Sam's hands and, placing 'em on her breasts, she began fondling herself by moving them in a twirling manner. Sam was dumbfounded. The freakishly odd woman was using him as her fetish.

When the fondling seemed vain, she reached for a vanilla-flavored whip-cream bottle that was sitting on top of a cabinet nearby. And once she had a hold of it, she sprayed a little on her crotch, and after spreading her legs wide apart, she grabbed Sam's head and proceeded to shove his face on her hairy private part. "Manje!...manje!" she commanded over and over. That's french for: "Eat!!" Sam obeyed the amazon and began eating her. He so wanted this ordeal to be over with that he exercised swift motion. She writhed and moaned in sensual pleasure. Then, as she got set to reach her climax, Sam noticed her chest rose and fell; her body shuddered briskly, and forth came a gush of slimy, watery liquid. She discharged on Sam's face, and left Sam stupefied.

Sam's fuss now isn't so much about his action with the Chula, but about the price he had to pay. It was quite costly and foolish for a financially unstable guy to pay for sex. Sam don't recall ever having to pay for sex. If anything, it was the other way around--he was the one being paid. Sam, however, acknowledge spending a few bucks every now and then in strip clubs and bars, but those bucks didn't really count. They were fast money made via criminal activity, so they didn't really mean much. Unlike this money, which did mean something, because it was hard earned. As Sam struggled to make sense of the matter, he arrived at a conclusion. He realized that his foolish act of paying for something I could barely afford was unpardonable. And having thought that, he said to himself that it will be a snowy day in hell before he'll allow another harlot to play him out of pocket. That's a mistake he could do without.


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