Drag-nets of Marine Drunk or why shipwrecked liner "Admiral Nakhimov" in 1986. Fragment N 12.

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"Listen, Paul, I met a woman. Her waist, like a snake has, her tilts - like nurse has. Behind on ass, you can put the champagne - a bottle will not fall. A pretty woman has the beautiful shape - to hug and cry with happiness…

Isn’t a story from “Playboy”.

It is words of “corpse” from m/v “Admiral Nakhimov”.

Why so mystic?

Please read and you come to know.

True stories

So here are my two heroes - orphanage, former street kids, happily married, started the children. They say that they opened, so both the nurse closed the visa. These young men have anything, not pretending to work on the ship “Admiral Nakhimov” on Crimean-Kolyma line under the supervision of the ship division commander. We call them in honor of the great composers of the Liver Four - John and Paul.

So, before going into the tragic last flight airliner John Paul said: "Listen, Paul, I met a woman. Her waist, like a snake has, her tilts - like nurse has. Behind on ass, you can put the champagne - a bottle will not fall. In beautiful shape - to hug and cry with happiness ... Paul, I am with our ship's chief agreed to - wait for me my watches. Exactly 7 days I am staying in Odessa, I'll be in the grocery store number 25 to meet the steamer from the cruise. Prober unnoticed through the bottom hatch of the cargo ship's store aboard the ship - and here, just, our wives would come to meet us.

What do you think, what was the reply, a friend from childhood?

“Of course, brother, no problem, since it is necessary, so it is necessary."

In a shipwreck, Paul escaped. He arrived, something for 3-4 days after the tragedy, in Odessa. Paul was hiding from the wife of John. Based on the practices of their joint spree, and knowing the loving friend, Paul believed that John, like a submarine, will emerge and will appear only on the seventh day. Field remained lasted only one day, but John tracked down his wife and grabbed. With the words: "How could you leave him, Paul! You are friends since childhood, why do not you save him? "- John's wife methodically beat Paul. Paul, a true gentleman, much less a former street kid, all put up with....

And at this time picked up a copy of John feminine beauty was so interesting for its collection, it is very long on a pin prick this butterfly. On the death of his ship - the Admiral Nakhimov "- he learned from TV, while lying in bed with butterfly…

The outcome of the six days of hunting for butterflies for his collection of slut's specimen.... Early morning on the seventh day cruise, dead, alive and unharmed, stood before his wife. Wife once knew. Be in charge of this case was not the first time ... What happened next, I really do not know, but I do not want to invent.

Well, what is not subject to Hugh Hefner, for the "Playboy"? For example, under the name what is "gets up ... dead"

Hopefully now, you're kind of my readers, a little know who was and who was not aboard the last flight ship “Admiral Nakhimov”.

Let’s trying chronologically follows the last flight of the vessel, exposing all the new circumstances and causes that are more or less influenced by the death of a steamer.

To be continued


Ass, Champagne, Snake, Tilts, Waist

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