Drag-nets of Marine Drunk or why shipwrecked liner "Admiral Nakhimov" in 1986. Fragment N 5.

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In this fragment you come to know the way for master of Soviet passenger liner to “earn” award – the Hero of Socialistic Labor. With soviet tourists to the master was to be almost afraid of nothing. It is not foreigners with which it is possible easily, as gonorrhea, to catch up the acquaintance with some quiet American from CIA.

True stories

And again, allow me to do next retreat in retreat of my story.
It is necessary in general to tell about the soviet masters of passenger fleet of the ocean-going sailing.
It should be noted that not majority, as accepted to talk, namely each and every the master of passenger fleet were personages in the different aspects of human life. For example, some of them had the battle personal weapon are handguns is gift of Fidel Castro for acceptance of participation in secretive transportations of the Cuban troops on soviet passenger courts to Angola and Mozambique. It was time, when brother of Fidel, then the minister of defense of Cuba Raul Castro stood onboard, or at the ladder of soviet ship in Cuban port of loading and every fighter from the three-thousandth Cuban contingent reaped a hand on farewell before the output of ship in a trip to the banks of Africa. The so-called special trips are “Lease - 1” or “Lease-2”.
And an example of exceptional nature in the display of character by other master, quite in other direction - achievement of the personal financial prosperity. There was one master of pre-retirement age which wanted to get not simply a maximally possible pension in 120 rubles in a month, but to be the pensioner of republican (Ukrainian) or all-union value. The possessor of such pension could get 150 rubles of pension in a month. Assuredly Hero of Socialistic Labor could be such pensioner. But how may obtain such rank the simple master? For this purpose it is necessary to have certain connections and acquaintances. To the soviet master more credible than all to obtain the location of mighty of this world, it was possible, only accomplishing cruise trips with soviet high-ups, treating them due to the organized collective feed of other tourists. With soviet tourists to the master was to be almost afraid of nothing. It is not foreigners with which it is possible easily, as gonorrhea, to catch up the acquaintance with some quiet American from CIA. Every soviet master was fastened after a concrete vessel which accomplished ocean-going trips, mainly, with foreigners and, quite rarely, with soviet passengers. How to obtain such, that on a ship did soviet parties bosses float only? An answer was simple enough, but hardness executable. Foreign tourist companies produced the row of certain requirements to the soviet passenger liners during work with foreign tourists. So in particular, the requirement is presence of passenger elevators was pulled out. Structurally elevators must be even in central part of vessel and to connect a main deck, cabins the first class with the basic places of entertainments, by ships shops and outputs to the main ladder. Soviet passenger ships were, mainly, Finnish and Polish building. So some Polish ships of elevators did not have. My hero, master, was, just, fastened after such ship. During the planned repairs of ship abroad, he showed wonders of ingenuity - saved facilities, saved every coin, proved that to the soviet people elevators are no needed, that elevators are sources of fire hazard and etc. Leadership of company even praised him as thrifty economic master. If guidance of state shipping company would know veritable reason of his conduct is maniac aspiration to the star of Hero of Socialistic Labor and pension in 150 rubles.

Eventually, recruiting specialists of navigable state marine company, finally, found a suitable master on one trip. Who he? This master did not have a handgun from Castro, did not pursue after the star of Hero and pension. He indeed was a good passenger master. But in the last ocean-going trip with foreign tourists this master accomplished a failure. At building sliding little wings were set in the corps of some comfortable passenger courts of that time – for calming of the side and careening tossing. So at the mooring in one of Italian ports to the passenger very handsome guy-berth this master did not clean these sliding wings. A ship by these wings disfigured berth and injured the hull. A navigable company from Odessa paid to Italians solid dollar adjustment for the inflicted harm. A passenger liner was laid up for emergency repairs in foreign port. A master which the question is about was signed off from a ship and was returned to Odessa. Taking into account blameless the pas, experience and trade, he was left in a company. A visa was not closed, and only «covered» by KGB in the Odessa regional branch.
After the long trials, just before the described events, to this master defined the place of future work is substitution passenger master, without fixing after any certain ship, Crimea - Kolymskaya line.

In that ill-starred hot Friday August, 1986, the master described by me, after all trials with a failure, was at home in Odessa. On the certificate of doctors he was in the preceding infarction state. Suddenly, at a miracle, to him skilled specialists ring home from his shipping company. Carefully, Pharisees liars ask about a health. He answers naturally, that quite healthy - it is really possible to lose by such chance, can be last in lives, case. Well that, are Pharisees answer in a receiver - we wait you - accept on a trip the “Admiral Nakhimov”.
So, a passenger liner to which more than 60 years and it is fixed to be written-off on a scrap goes out in a trip. A master gives orders to the ship in the preceding infarction state. He, on the certificate of eyewitnesses, all trips, as Winston Churchill, from a bed gave pointing to the Chief mate which on this vessel accomplished the second trip...

To be continued

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