Dreadful encounter

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It is a bit scary but quite a nice story about a young woman

Dreadful encounter

Tired, Phillipa opened the door to her room and walked in cursing under her breath. Her day had been more active than usual and she had been running up and down the whole day. She needed to pack and leave right away. Wasting no time, she rushed to her closet and took out a small bag which contained all her prize possessions, including the stolen ones. Quickly, she stuffed some clothes into another bag. She felt the dizziness again. Had she been drugged? Phillipa had been working for the government for almost two years. She held a high rank despite her young age. That was not all. She had been working for a drug lord for about five years. Her job in the government had been to protect him and his men. After all, the man was her father and all her brothers and cousins were involved in the business. Betrayal of the family was paramount to death, a risk she could not afford so she played the dutiful daughter and did her part.

The government had found some leads in the case many times but she always managed to get the evidence and destroy it. The head officers in her department had become suspicious so they set a trap that nobody could have evaded, not even poor Phillipa. She had found out a minute too late but one thing was for sure. S he had been exposed and so had her family. It was on her way home that she had got the news. Her father had been arrested. There was only one thing to do now. She would run until she could run no more. Her life would always be in danger and so would her unborn child's. The dizziness was from the pregnancy. She sat on the bed and decided to take a nap but before she could do so, the lights went off. The door to her room opened with a creak and a huge man made his entrance. "Betrayal, my dear...," a rough voice said. The voice was unmistakable and so was her fate. "Papa," she muttered under her breath as she awaited her fate.


A Storm, A Strong Person Is Sometimes The Weakest

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