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We all dream of a better life and a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones. Sometime it works out just fine and we live the life we dream of. Sometimes the opposite is just the case. But everything starts with a dream that we share or don't share.

Sharing Your Dreams

There is nothing like dreaming big and as one rap musician puts it, dreaming EVEN bigger. Yes there is nothing that moves the human mind than a dream to achieve something that will change the way we are living now to the way we want to live tomorrow.

Dreams have shaped our world for centuries. Someone dreamed that we would someday use a car and that dream came true. Another dreamed that we would be sitting in our sitting room watching televised programs from a tv set. Today, there is more than the tv and the car. Technology has given us more than we can handle and is still doing more.

Each and everyone of us have dreams of what we want to do or become or where we want to see ourselves in the next 5 or 10 years. We are bent on pursuing that dream and share this information with our families and friends and even with the people around us.Yes, we are excited that our dreams would be welcomed with so much enthusiasm by the very people we love and feel should know about it.

But the joy we have of sharing our dreams is not the same joy we receive from those around us even though they may sometimes not show it in an open and apparent manner. The support we hope to get from family and friends is simply not there. Eyes turn in dissapproval as we talk openly and with much enthusiasm of what we want for ourselves and how we are going to achieve it.

You and I have dreams that we long to share with families and friends and that dream is supposed to be a source of joy to all because if all goes well, these are the same people that you and I will want to share the success or achievements with. Yes many will not be excited about you pursuing your dreams to a succesful conclusion and they may bring up all sorts of reasons to justify it.

Why They Are Against Your Dreams

If ever you have come up against anyone frowning on your dreams and not showing any excitiment about it, then just know that they are discouraging you in ways you can least imagine. Family might discourage you because the family is saying they have other plans for your life. Yes many familes frown on achieving anything that is not in line with their own plan of achievement . it could be the man or woman you want to take as a life partner is not what they want for you. It could be the career you have chosen is not what they have chosen for you, or it simply could be your decision to go that city or place where you would achieve your dreams is very differen from what they have in mind.

With such influence as the family shaping our life and turning us away from pursuing our dreams should we just go on with them or put up a sort of rebellion and come out of that sphere of influence so we can pursue our dreams the best way we can? You may come up against the people you call your friends, office co-workers or people around you who you believe could in some way help you to achieve your dreams and even then the excitement is not forth coming.

Most of these people simply do not share your excitement because they at one time or another pursued similar dreams and did not succeed. Many will see you as not really fit to achieve what you are going for. Many will question your competence and your abilities in certain areas of endeavour and knowledge. Many will simply tell you outright not to be wasting your time because what you are going for needs people of a certain class and standing in society. With so many excuses no wonder many people get seriously discouraged and give up on their dreams

Why Stop Your Dreams?

Throughout life you will come against people who will discourage you from pursuing your dreams. But if you know that the dream your pursuing is what you want,then ignore those who discourage you and listen to those who respect your dreams and are willing to help you pursue them.If you are going to have a lifetime fulfilment through your dreams then no matter who comes along and discourages you , pursue your dreams and bring it to a very satisfying and conclusive end and prove to those who didn't see where you would go with your dreams that yes, you have made your dreams come true.


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