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I started my passion of writing few years back, but increased my pace only in the last year. Now my dream of achieving 5000 articles in the internet world is gaining momentum and i know that i will achieve this dream of mine one day for sure and just hope that i reach this goal fast

Childhood Reading Habit

I was very much passionate into reading books right from my childhood days when i used to read comic books. I was spending so much time on reading comic books, story books and later on i also started reading any book which is interesting. My friends were all spending most of their time playing, while i liked to be with interesting books. Though i was also playing in between, my passion towards reading books went on increasing day by day. I remember one day when i went to a near by boo shop for just time pass and spent around 6 hours just checking books without even having food ! The book shop owner even inquired about me as i went out of the shop as he was just surprised to see my patience for books and he also told me that i was the first person to have spent 6 hours in his book shop at once and that too standing all the while. Such was my passion towards reading books at those times when i had too many interesting things in life. Though my friends were calling me out to play, i was responding to their call only sometimes as other times i would be always with books. I used to plead to parents to buy books for me in that age and i was also borrowing some books from my friends. I have a huge collection of my books which i still preserve with me now. I am very much possessive of all these books which i have collected since many years and this i feel is a huge motivation for this whole life

Writing Passion

Though i was spending so much time on reading, i never knew that i could also write one day. I was very talkative right from my younger days and even now i talk a lot most of the times. I was called chatter box by all my friends in my college days. This habit of talking took me to a different level as i slowly started writing something on paper when i was free, but was not at all serious in that. It was when i completed my studies and employed in a company, i started writing few articles just for interest. Then once i got introduced to internet world, i was totally bowled out as all my time was spent on browsing different websites and this was the time i joined a paid to post forum which also paid for posting in their forum. I was just excited as i did get paid for my posts. Though it was all hard work, i was spending more than 12 hours a day just typing for money. This passion of mine made me too tired and sometimes i even lost focus on internet things that i started doing other things outside internet world. Though, i was doing other things, my passion of writing continued as i was writing some articles in my books. Later when i started spending more time again internet, i found sites which pays for writing articles. Now i have joined quite a few writing sites and have already started posting my articles in these sites. Now my dream of writing 5000 articles is very much on cards as i am spending more time in writing articles. I always believe in one thing in life-"One who keeps reading and writing books will remain young throughout his life". So, i am young and will remain young throughout this beautiful life of mine !

Focusing on Quality of Article

Once you start writing for passion, you will sped hours writing and day by day you will also improve your writing skills. Many of the new writers who just start writing will always wonder on selecting the subject of the article they write and even spend hours just planning for the topic of the article. But once you get experienced here, article topics and content will just flow like a river. So, if you have the passion in writing and spend hours in writing, it will be easy to carry on for sure. Initially one might just focus on number of articles as he will be totally new to writing and just focus on writing more and more than anything else.But later on this this habit of focusing on number of articles alone will get converted to writing quality article which is more important than the actual number. It would be always better to take more time in writing an article as you tend to add some valid points or interesting points into the article which will attract more people towards your article. People will always look into articles which has enough interesting content in it. Hurrying into writing articles will not help anyone as it will be end up in normal article without any useful information's or interesting points in it. Once anyone starts reading your article, they should feel like reading more and more and not like stopping in the middle or getting irritated on reading your article.
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author avatar Kingwell
10th Mar 2015 (#)

Good share. Blessings.

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author avatar sarosh
10th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks for comments

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author avatar writestuff
11th Mar 2015 (#)

Timely article. Thanks for this post.

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author avatar SEOWIZMANIA
13th Mar 2015 (#)

Good write up! In addition, your articles should be unique, attractive, appealing and converting , it is then the reader wants to come back again.


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author avatar sarosh
14th Mar 2015 (#)

Yes thank you and only when you have passion, you cana chieve greater heights in life

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