Dreaming of Demon

S. D. Tiwari By S. D. Tiwari, 16th Oct 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL http://nut.bz/1272ihsu/
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This is a poetry containing the story of the dream that I saw.

Dreaming of Demon

I had got two large wings
flying reached to the jungle
No, those were not my wings
I was riding back of an eagle.

We landed in a splendid valley,
a heaven like alluring place.
Leaving me there on my own,
Soon, the eagle flew away.

I was viewing the exquisiteness
of the valley and the mountain;
there appeared a demon and asked
how u dare to be in my region?

I knew, he had mystical powers
and will not leave me alive.
May my trick work on it
to escape, better I should try.

I gathered strength and told
him boldly that’s not my fault.
It was your competitor demon
who had forcefully brought.

OK you stay here, I shall look
who is the rascal, will chase out.
As he went off I overheard,
to the son, his wife’s shout.

I am smelling here a human
I love to eat the human flesh.
Go and find out where is he;
I will cook it, quickly fetch.

Son told mom! I have brought
some from the nearby village.
Cook that one, let us reserve
this man for some other day.

Better we finish the flesh
that I have brought, first.
Till then we would keep him
shut in that outer old hut.

I became completely scary
when listened to their whisper.
Soon, I heard to the noise of
whistling of pressure cooker.

Had to go on his duty, early
in the morning my neighbor.
His shift started by six O’clock
he was the police inspector.


Dark, Dream, Humor, Imagination

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author avatar S. D. Tiwari
Me is a management professioinal. I write poetry.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Good luck with the Demon!!! The Eagle is a symbolic form that is personified with the spirit of who you are and rising above tomorrow.
None the less, if the Eagle is your demon, your spirit needs the cleansing. God help you as the demons never leave in a hurry.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Must say your eagle is morbid Tiwari...
They are symbolic to carriers of Prayers to God.
None the less, its the most revered bird in the American Indian culture.
Aiyanna in their language is the Eternal Flower. My real name is Anisha which means No More Darkness. I love the American Indian culture a ot....

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author avatar S. D. Tiwari
17th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you Anisha for enlightenment. I didn't know. Now edited suitably.

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