Dreams and emotions. How are they linked?

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Our nightly dreams can be at times driven by our emotions.

If we go to bed angry, we might have a dream that also portrays us exhibiting this emotion within it, that night, for example.

This article talks about how our dreams and our emotions are linked and connected.

Some example dream themes from my own dreams. Why we can become emotional in a dream

I often have a dream in which I am lost, or I am looking for something, or I am running late to get to work.

Sometimes, I am on a train without a ticket, and at other times, I am in a room, but I cannot find any suitable clothes to wear to work. Then at other times, I am driving my car, and it suddenly conks out, in the middle of a busy road.

In all of these dreams I wake up feeling frustrated, and annoyed, at what is going on in my dream.

Within our dreams then, how and why do our emotions work?

Are our dreams just using our physical body, or do they perhaps also sometimes use our astral body, our mental body, our intuitional body, or even our soul body, or what?

Many spiritual teachings claim that we have other bodies on other planes of existence, such as the Astral plane, which we can connect to, or make use of in a dream.

How come then, I often have different dreams, (sometimes in the same night, and sometimes over several nights) but I wake up, time after time, at the peek of my frustration, in my dream?

Only after this had happened many times to me did I begin to realise that I had been having the same emotion of frustration/annoyance, in all of them. The common emotion of frustration/annoyance was present in them all. I woke up in them all, perhaps to escape this feeling from escalating even more.

Dreams combine all of these various bodies inputs, and when one body takes precedence, like an emotion from our emotional body, it will often lead us to wake up in our physical body.

This happens because the emotional body links the closest to this one, and because really, all emotion is fear driven, and its presence often includes reasons, involving the protection of our body, and so as a result of this, we can wake up as a protective reaction to the emotion going on in the dream.

What makes us wake up during a dream, and not continue or finish it then?

Such unfinished dreams are actually always already in fact always already finished.

There is no such thing as an unfinished dream. Every dream is complete within itself. Its message is complete, but it can connect to previous and future dreams too.

The meaning of a dream is self-contained within that dream, and its being depicted within the elements of the dream, including the emotions, or and feelings, even your thoughts, actions, and words in the dream, together, with the scenery, people, and other circumstances. Nothing is inconsequential. Every facet of the dream has been added for a reason.

When you see this as being so, and allow this to be integrated into your awareness, you will even look at some really small issues in the dream then, and when you find the possible meaning of smaller issues or happenings, these might just be the key to you finding even greater meaning from the dream, as you open up the can of worms, so to speak, by your doing do.

You see into Pandora's box then, to use another metaphor.

You should always like what you see, because in a way, you are the one putting whatever you find in there. You just need to understand why you have put that particular trick, or way of being/behaving into your own box of tricks, or into your subconscious mind's programmings.

Your dreams can help you to do this.

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

The above quote is from the great American poet, and writer, Edgar Allan Poe, (1809 to 1849).

Some dreams are simple enough to analyse. A dream example of mine follows

Here is a simple and rather short dream of mine examined.

I was dreaming that I was at home here, in the house where I currently live, and I noticed that a large plank of wood had fallen off from around my water tank, and it had this message carved in the wood saying good health.

"You can have hope without love, but you can't have love without hope."

"Is that true?", I asked myself, upon waking up.

I felt good when I woke up from this dream. I did not even think that the water tank might topple over now without that supporting beam helping to hold it up.

If we do feel good when we awaken about our dream, it usually means that such a message is really true for us, and the way it was presented is just a dramatic one to make me take notice of it.

Love does not live alone, as all things find their home within love, and yet other parts of love can be separated away from the fullness of love to live on their own, sometimes, at times.

When you are in despair, and if you still hold onto a part of love, such as hope, it will eventually lead you back again into the open arms of complete love then too.

We are talking here about the fullness of unconditional love, because parts of love, not yet unconditionally full, can live in you, without it yet being the whole of love, opened up yet in you, being fully the real you.

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